Only realised is last Monday of autumn now, when started writing this post. Crazy. Can’t lie, I’m waiting for festive season to start. Not much left and I will oficially let myself to watch Christmassy movies, put the decorations and wrap all the presents. Even though I already purchased the gifts, only parents gifts are left to buy, but plan is already made, only need … Continue reading Monday


I’ve planned my Saturday a little bit differently, but today I woke up with super sore throat and turns out I have quinsy. It’s just so annoying, even to swallow or breath is a task for me. So, today I cancelled my work room in library and I’m spending my whole time in my small apartment with loads and loads hot teas. Fingers crossed I … Continue reading Sick

Ikea day

It has been a fun friday and now it’s  8 pm and I’m in my pyjamas already. Feeling like an old lady, but it’s so nice. Next Friday will be busier one, me and my friends are going to the bar, so next weekend will be spent youthfully. Today I left my bed at 9am it’s first time in two weeks and felt super good. We rode to … Continue reading Ikea day

So much to do

So much to do, so little time…A classic phrase that so many people use/ emphise with.  Today was weirdly productive day, went to university, then the seminar about equality, ate at chinese, walked in old town, bought another christmas gift for my friend and one persons christmas gifts are kinda ready. Lately, it has been weird atmosphere psychologically in university and it’s kinda nice to … Continue reading So much to do