What are you wearing today? My beloved high wasted jeans from ”Cubus” and turtleneck in dark grey from ”Vero moda”. Still wintery look, because it’s freezing today. What are you listening to today? What’s your mood today? I’m happy that it’s Friday, but also really tired and looking forward for the weekend. I probably feel the same way every Friday, but this week was a … Continue reading FRIDAY


Finally midweek, but can’t lie I’m dreaming about weekend. This week is fulfilled with exams and stress from my friends. My friends are stressing out and a little bit annoying me, because my birthday is coming up, and they are questioning, thinking so much about it. I’m not a birthday ”person”, when it’s my day, but I really enjoy everyone else’s birthdays. I just love … Continue reading MIDWEEK SANDNESS


Happy Friday, everyone! Well, I’m sick this weekend, so lazy and full sickness mode for me. I skipped yesterdays lecture, because I was going sick to uni from Monday and it was not the best. Felt like my head will fall out from my shoulders or something, not the best feeling in the world, and today I woke up with a sore throat… On top of … Continue reading SICK


One of the most fun weekends in my life is over. I can’t believe, that I’ve visited Monaco! This was my dream city/country since 2011. I was obsessed with movie ”Monte Carlo” and everything seemed so magical about this place. Ever since, I had this dream to actually see Monte Carlo with my own eyes, in real life and dream came true! Seriously, still can’t … Continue reading WEEKEND