It has been a while. Even though I used this phrase really often, that now it’s seems a little bit inappropriate to write and used it again.  At the beginning of December I felt like I had everything really organised and nothing can stop me. Even in this page, I changed the design inspired by festive mood and had the idea of posting and writing … Continue reading STOPPED


Monday is kinda over for me. Well, the evening will be spent by drinking some tea and reading my new favourite book “Homo deus” probably. I really recommend reading the “Homo sapiens” and “Homo deus” if you are interested in human history, future and psychology in general.  Can’t believe that this week the advent will start! Finally, I could open my advent calendars, I hope … Continue reading ALL READY FOR ADVENT?!


I’m not that productive student that studies for every test and knows a lot of information. I’m kinda opposite of that and I’m used to being in the class, not knowing too much information about some things. And the ignorance, lack of the information probably comes from me being really passive student being. Well, that was beautiful and nicer way to say to myself that … Continue reading FIRST PRODUCTIVE DAY IN YEARS?