NEED TO: capture all these summer memories PLANNING: friends trip! WANTING: to renew my makeup and skincare routines DREAMING: about having stress and anxiety free summer THE BEST ACTIVITY TO DO IN THE SUMMER: tanning HOPING TO HAVE: willpower to do something for my body CAN’T WAIT TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH: my guinea pigs! LOVE: family time ❤️ R.V.E. Advertisements Continue reading CURRENTLY x JUNE | PART 1 |


What a wonderful end of the week. Two exams in one day.. Well, I am a little bit tired, after spending so many hours in university, but I can’t complain, for now I only have one exam left + practise camp. Summer is here, I can’t believe it! Of course, the true feeling of the summer will be, when I would finish with the practise … Continue reading EXAM DAY