Only yesterday I sent 10 postcards and it’s been 3 days that I’m updating my every day journal, but today I can’t get of my mind how amazing would be to have a letter friend. I seen a story on IGTV how one girl from postcrossing made a letter friend and they keep in touch since 2014. How amazing is that? Weirdly, I’m the only … Continue reading LETTER FRIEND


When you are on holiday, it feels like every single day is kinda the same. Or it feels like 7 day weekend all the time. Well, today, in the morning I went to the post office and send out 10 postcards from postcrossing and one for my grandparents. Then, ran 5 kilometres on a treadmill (new record in this “season”) and took a nap. I … Continue reading TUESDAY


Last month of the free time has started and I feel super anxious, but I’m trying this anxiety to turn to excitement. It’s weird, exciting, super scary to realise that this is the last year of my studies and next summer will not be the same. When I become this whole adult being? Well, new chapter will begin and it’s not an easy task to … Continue reading UPDATE


What a relaxing weekend it has been. I was not feeling very well on Saturday, so basically spent almost full day in bed, but then on Sunday felt like all bacteria has left my immune system. I read two books, “Divergent” and “Birthday stories”. Seriously, I’m so late, but “Divergent” surprised me, now I think I will watch a movie too. Also, started watching “Big … Continue reading WEEKEND