Paris fashion week has ended and I have to be honest I’m not one of those ‘fashionista’ girls that could watch fashion shows via internet or read every single article about designers, collections. I have few of my favorites that I admire, but being honest I just look at the pictures from their show just to make overall view of what content they put this time for us to see. For me, is interesting to see what designer is capable to show us and what he could make to make us says “wooow”. Being honest, designer job is one of the hardest jobs I can ever have. Of course, that job is not physically hard, but creativity wise this is unbearable. Of course, every single designer is passionate about their job but even the most creative person working that job probably live like in a nightmare before the collection is revealed. I can not even imagine how much ideas you have to have or create in your small head. This is mind blowing seriously.

Finally, after spilling my thoughts from PFW to the designer job, I’m ready to write about   what this post is named. BAGS!!! Seriously, if I would have a lot of money, one of my addictions will be buying bags.  I love staple fashion items/style like most of the people, but buying a shoulder bag is one of the things were you can invest your money right. By meaning right I mean that this item (bag) will serve you, your fashion/style lifetime.  You just  can not go wrong with bag.


GucciGhost printed matelassé leather shoulder bag ( 1,490 € )



Seriously, this bag is PIECE OF TRUE ART! Hands down to GUCCI for killing it! Honestly, for all my life I wasn’t the biggest fan of Gucci. It was that kind of high fashion brand for me that you can seriously see in small village market or on one of worst dressed persons in my small village arm or shoulder (not a real GUCCI obviously).  I think my love for ”Gucci” appeared when Alessandro Michele was appointed Creative Director of “Gucci” in January 2015. It completely change the brand and now I’m in loooove.

Coming back to my love for this bag, this piece is truly piece of art. This bag was designed by Brooklyn- based artist Trouble Andrew and Alessandro Michele (still kinda new creative director of ”Gucci”). In this bag you see Andrew art incorporated into Michele’s design.  This bag is not too much artsy. By writing ‘too much’ I mean this is not something that your best friend, some fashion/style or even art enthusiast will be looking for hours to understand the paintings or trying to tell you (give you an ”advise”) how you can style this bag better with your different looks. Seriously, you can not go wrong with this bag. I mean, you can wear plain outfit – this bag will bring some new ”vibes” for your look and make you look more interesting and not so plane anymore. Even if you are wearing bright colored coat, jeans,socks, shoes (…whatever)  this bag will do her job and will blend with your outfit. It can be a bag for formal events/ classic style or even to simple every-day kinda look. This bag don’t have any rules. You can wear this bag with probably every single outfit from your wardrobe and it still will look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Also, this is interesting/artsy fashion peace that will make your fashion sense more original. You can never go wrong with this Andrew & Michele made ”Gucci” bag. Seriously. Never.


Faye Small suede and leather shoulder bag ( 1,050 €)



This bag is everything I’m dreaming to have this autumn. This bag has this Gucci “Dionysus” bags vibes for me, because of this loop.  I think this bag is also great investment, because I can not imagine that this light brown leather and an orange suede flap can become unfashionable. When I saw this bag I can only imagine people wearing this in autumn/winter time, but I believe that someone can put outfit amazingly for summer/hot weather with this Chloé beauty. This bag also brings some new feelings about this season, because of color combinations- orange and brown. For now, I can say that I haven’t seen any bag in this type of colors. Maybe I was blind or something, but this is so ”fresh”for me. Thank you, Chloé, for this beauty.


Pandora Box Mini embossed leather shoulder bag ( 1,550 €)




How can do this list without black shoulder bag?! Black is my favorite color eveer. Not very original, but this color is the best, no shame! I only have two shoulder bags and both of them are black. I don’t know why, but the black for me is safest option for bag, because it goes with almost  everything. This “Givenchy” black bag is embossed with the house’s name and stars. Seriously, this style gives such a fresh look to simple black, leather shoulder bags. This bag goes with every single look that I can imagine (from casual outfit with sneakers- this bag will be the heart of your look, or even with classic outfit this bag will give your look new, kinda modern spice). Seriously, this is just a perfection. Hands down to Riccardo Tisci.


Dotcom Click suede and leather shoulder bag  (2,600 €)
This “Fendi” bag is so interesting to look. This do not give me this ”artsy” felling like “Gucci” Ghost printed matelassé leather shoulder bag, but this bag just is so pleasing to look at. I can only imagine very confidence person wearing this bag, because to be honest, I don’t know if I will be brave enough to carry this with me. This bag, in my eyes, is made for true fashionistas that could make their all outfit look like piece of art. What I also love about this shoulder  bag is the mustard-hued leather that  creates a textured geometric finish with a burgundy leather trim, while glossy silver-tone hardware elevates the piece to luxe-level status (and don’t lie-everyone wants to be on luxe-level status). That’s all what I have for this bag.
These bags are not cheap at all (and they will never be), but it’s always interesting for me to see with what designs, color combinations designers will create for us. I really believe that designer bag is good investment for your style and will be by your side for your lifetime. By the way,  I can not wait to see what not so high-end fashion stores will show for us. Obviously, we will be able to see shoulder bags similar to these, but I’m curious how far (simple) fashion brands can go by coping some of the greatest fashion designers.


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