In Lithuania, we do not celebrate Halloween, that’s actually not that big of the deal for us. Honestly, I’m not that person that likes D.I.Y. or something like that and to think about my costume would be so exhausting and stressful. I know that Halloween is really fun and memorable, but not for me I guess…Maybe next year I would go to the Halloween party just for the ”experience”, who knows…And seriously how can I go party if I only have one day free? University student life has no logic sometimes.

So, after spilling my thoughts on Halloween, I’m ready to share what I’ve been loving, hating…..:



OMG!!! Saw this on twitter and fallen in love..How gorgeous is this piece of high fashion? This dress has kinda love and hate relationship for me. I really love how this dress looks, details, everything is just perfect and I can stare/look at this dress for hours, but then I could not wear this dress. How sad is that? Yes, I don’t have enough money to buy BALMAIN, but also my shoulders are kinda wide so these type of dresses do not look good on me. It just brings out the fact that I could not wear this, but this is so beautiful to look at.  Love, love, love.



This summer I decided to start my new chapter with a new hairstyle. Firstly, I thought I would dyed all my hair from the roots blonde or something way more brighter then my natural hair color, but then my smarter brain part turned on and thought about how often I should have to get my hair roots dyed and how often I should go to the hairstylist. This wasn’t the best option for me, so I decided to get my hair dyed without roots.I brought with me a picture, the hairstyle that Kim K.W. slayed in 2013 PFW, but hairstylist was a little bit ”different” to hear my opinion on what I wanted, “vuolia” and we have this dumbest ombre that you can ever see. I looked like a stupid 13 year old that went to the cheapest hair salon or even get her hair done by her friend. Like, my hair looked kinda normal back when this hairstylist just gave me new haircut and did a little bit of art with designing it, but after the first wash it was disgusting. Then I left to visit my parents at Norway, for a month, and there was nothing much to do with this hair look. After coming back to Lithuania, I have to move to the new city, Vilnius, and I was a little bit scared to go to the new hair salon, because I don’t know anything about and in my eyes the best recommendation  is people talks and reviews, so in this area, I would not read internet comments, I just do not trust them. And the second “brake” was my mom. The hairstylist I always go is kinda expensive, I paid about 80euros for this ”art”. Thinking about how much my beauty routine costs for my mum, she was like what you have done with your hair is long-term thing and to go to the hair salon would be pathetic and not so healthy for my hair. But after growing them for 3 or 4 months, I decided to make a call to my beloved beauty salon, just this time visit another hairstylist. So after coming back Friday morning to Klaipeda, on Saturday 9am. I was sitting in hairstylist chair. And I will not lie, she did kinda a great job. Knowing the fact that my hair was kinda too ‘blonde’ to make them dark she did good job to mach my natural hair with my previously made ‘art’.And for now I’m loving my hair length, but knowing the fact how fast my hair is growing I will not have that much time to enjoy this length.Looking at this new hairstyle I do not feel as moody, kinda lost in this world young teenager. Mission accomplished.

 HATING how much to study/learn I have 

Seriously, now I feel that universities are making students even more stupid then eveeer. There is so much not needed information that we have to put in our heads. That’s pathetic.

And I do not found motivation to study, also failed my first exams. Only good thing that we could rewrite them for free. Fingers crossed my motivation will appear soon. #fingerscrossed

HATING how bad I’ve been eating …also not going to the gym for 3 weeks..

I’ve been eating bad for I don’t even know how long. Maybe 6 months or even more : ? When, I’m stressed, I’m eating 24/7. In my case it’s not healthy foods. This year I have my driving exams, school exams..So much stress! And then moving to another city. Just stress. My dermatologist/ cosmetologist said to me that I’m allergic to lactose. So if do not want to get any pimples I should stop eating so unhealthy. Also, sugar is killer for my skin too. This is so sad to hear for me, when I’m chocolate junkie… I thought that after hearing these words I would be like ok I will stop eating this and blah blah blah, but in my case this didn’t happened. I was like month after that, I will start my ‘diet’, maybe this Monday I will be healthy. This did not happened. Now, I’m hopping to change from 1st of November. Will see what will happen. It’s hard nowadays when we have full coverage foundations. Magic happens without strict diet. And probably, I made it up of my laziness and lack of my willpower.

And then, with a gym is another story…



How cool is these lights in H&M store?! And also sealing in church treasury museum?!!

By meaning active, I was not going to the gym and stuff… I’m kinda a home body I guess, so now, when there is routine college-home-college I just live like this. That’s all. It’s really hard for me to stand up and to go somewhere, explore something. But this week I manage to go to 2 museums, visit so many shops for I can’t even know how many times. This week was kinda a win for me.


I really don’t know what type/style would suit my face form/shape, but I want them soooo bad. Every single design has something perfect about them. Can not wait to go to the glasses shop and try them on, or maybe even make a booking for them. So exciting!! It even breaks my heart a little bit when I have to wear my old ‘Vogue’ glasses.

LOVING SOLANGE / JPB – Choose (ft. Deverano)


It looks like I just found Solange music. It always stand up for me that she is Beyonce sister thats all. I didn’t listen to her music, or even care about her. She was like in the shadow for me. But now…OMG I’m OBSESSED! The first song I heard was ” Don’t touch my hair”.Just breathtaking, pure art. Now, I probably listened to every single Solange song that was released. Amazing!!! Love her work. Also music videos. Something amazing. All the love.

Secondly, I was listening to JPB ft. Devano – Choose. I found this song via Desi Perkins lookbook. I really enjoy the beats. This song is so fun to listen and reminds me of summer. Also this song is like a new ‘wind’ to my playlist, because I’m not that kinda ”beat” person if you could say. I really like calming music, like Oh wonder, Jessie Ware….



When you are studying in university there is not that much time when you can be alone with your thoughts, especially now, when I live together with my best friend. After having my hair appointment I was so lucky to have 30min. spare before getting my eyebrows done, so I took the advantage and went to the cafeteria. It was morning time, I was alone in this cafeteria, so enjoyed this delicious latte, while just simply relaxing with calming music around me. This was so amazing just to be with myself, without having to fake my emotions, face expressions. These 30min. went so fast. I need to do this again some time soon.

Also, when my parents take me with them to visit some new places I always was so unhappy. I would think about the time when I will be back home. I would even count the days of how much time I left in this place that we would stay. Now, when I’m older I’m become more open minded about traveling, living the experience..  Like now, if someone would told me that I will go to the new country I probably would start crying, and I’m not that kind of person that can cry from happiness. But, then there is a tricky part anyways.I would not be happy if I would have to visit some hot weather place, like I’m not comfortable in my skin, I feel fat, not happy with myself, so put myself in a bikini is not the best option I guess. But to travel to country that do not require bikini attire would be dream come true!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset When you are university student, you don’t have job, and you are living from your parents 24/7. It sounds not so cool, but my university timetable/schedule is so loaded that to find job that I could go is mission impossible.  Then you can slip very easily in shops, when you have the money and your mind will tell you to buy it. After shopping or spending crazy amount of money on something I feel so guilty. I think I still feel guilty after spending 55 euros on “MAC” brush. Like, I love the brush, bus did I really needed to spend this crazy amount of money for the one brush? Also I bought a night cream for 45euros. That’s crazy. But for now, I feel kinda bittersweet with my purchases. Maybe, some of them. I’m still working with my willpower. Also, I already bought beauty advent calendar. Ready for December!


I’m the person that could not hate the book. I have books that I could not finish to read, but it wasn’t just because it was ”bad” that was probably because it was boring for me at the time. When time will come I will finish reading. I’m also not the person you can ask for advise for a good book recommendation, because I read so many books, and it will be to hard to recommend the book for someone, because you don’t really know what person likes and expects from someones idea. I’m really stubborn, for example, last Christmas I bought a book about Coco Chanel. It was really hard for me to read this book and don’t know the real reason why. Like I love Chanel like a brand and Coco Chanel herself, but this book was a killer. I read this for 2 weeks, knowing me it’s kinda a long period of time, when I’m on holiday and don’t have that much to do.  When I was reading that book I was questioning myself why I reading this, what’s the point…After finishing that book I felt so proud of myself that I did it. And now, I see how great it was that I would not let myself just close the book and wait till right time will come. Even now, I use the knowledge that this book gave me in my every day life. The other week when we were discussing abortions in my english lecture I talked about Coco Chanel. There was so many times when I used the information from this book in my every day life.  But there I have even two books left and waiting for their time to come. One of them is Ernest Hemingway’s and the other is “Eat.Move.Sleep.”. Still waiting for the right time to come.

But, back to the topic of this chapter, this September, right after I’ve moved to Vilnius I bought three books. The first one I started to read was this one about willpower. It was interesting, but also kinda hard book too. I read it for a while and just finished it yesterday. After lectures your head is full of new information and then this book is kinda you are in a different lecture too. Sometimes, my head felt to full to read this book, but finally I manage to end this. It was interesting, because of all the new information about willpower that I didn’t even imagined that existed, advises. I really loved the experiments that was explained in this book and examples that this writer gave from a real, normal people every day life. That was so easy to relate.

Also  this week I bought a book “Girl on the train”. Do not even imagine when I will start to read this one. LOL.


Skipped so many lectures. Also didn’t study at all. Ups. Hope everything will turn to the better way.


Created new pinterest because forgot everything about my last one..Typical me. But now, I’m so obsessed with making my ‘dream’ life. Loving interior, fashion and also a little bit of those inspiring quotes. @rivemman



Yves Saint Laurent.. I didn’t really know that much about this person. Like I really love his brand, but what is standing behind that was not open for me. I did not pay that much attention to this designer, like I only read wikipedia and that’s all. But like one year ago or so, in my moms computer  I accidentally downloaded this movie. And I didn’t watch it..Then the weekend I came home to get my hair done, it was not that much for me to do at the evening time, so I turned on my moms old computer and found this movie. Because I was really tired that evening I could not finished it,  but after coming back I finally have time to properly finish it. It was so great. Now, I really respect Yves Saint Laurent as a person, appreciate his work and influence to fashion. He is remarkable figure in our fashion history.  Loved this movie. Will watch this again for real.

I wrote so much in this post. I did not expected it. Hoping this post will be so fun to read for me in the future.




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