2016 11 20 was pretty special for me. After 3 years of dreaming I finally had the opportunity to see the famous Juozas Statkevicius fashion show and also it was my first time having an uber. So much happened that day!

It seems like I lived under a rock or something, like how you can not been in fashion show or had an uber. There is a thing, all my life I lived in village, near to the small town, we did not have an uber or fashion shows. In my lifetime I had a taxi once so uber was a thing for me. And this fashion show was probably the event of my life.

To begin with, Juozas Statkevicius is probably the only Lithuanian designer that has fashion shows that you can buy tickets. Like we have “Mados infekcija” and some other designers, but public is only with their invitations from designer itself. But Juozas Statkevicius, I believe, is the only one that makes his fashion events like a true artist shows. You do not only see a fashion, but you are living that story line that designer is showing you. I heard about this designer maybe 4 years ago. He did a show inspired by Japan and by making his appearance to the public he had a portable beard on his face. I remember, the day after show every Lithuanian newspaper wrote about his beard and collection inspired by Japan that is so far away from us. Then, this designer do not tell anyone what theme his collection would be. You will only get to know that when fashion show will start. The year after Japan collection, was collection influenced Morocco and then the most shocking collection of them all – inspired by designer life itself. It was called “Secret J.S. life”. The country was in shock. Everyone talked and tried to transform this designer into a trash, because this collection, in other people eyes, was too shocking, brave and inappropriate. Of course the biggest fuss was made by ”supermoms” and old ladies. And I was interested to see what idea he would have now, like he showed so much for us, how can he, one person, artist surprise us?

I bought the tickets the same day when event was published. There was no thinking to go there or not. The only thoughts I had was what seat/row should I pick. The 7th row was 20 euros I believe and the 6th was 30 euros and in the plan the difference between these two rows was kinda huge. Of course, I do not have that money to buy tickets to sit on the front row, but maybe one day I will be. I wish.(First row was about 100 euros I believe and 4th or 5th – 50 + euros, so 30 euros was enough for my bank account.) When tickets was send to my email in every single calendar I had I marked this day. And I just could not wait any longer. When finally , fashion show weekend came, on Saturday evening I was strolling around Lithuanian news pages and  from one of them notification popped out – see live J.S. interview. When I turned on to see this interview it was like lifestyle talk show or something and to see this designer I had to wait for about 20 min. +  commercials. But I waited. When, finally his interview was shown – I was blown away. It was the 2nd time when I heard him talking, the 1st I remember clearly was in my old car when I was learning to drive in my back yard, he told that the only famous brand that is worth talking is “Hermès” and I was so pissed off when I heard him saying that. Like how can you name only one high fashion brand and do not tell anything good about the others. So, I do not had a great image about him, but my curiosity lead me to his show. When I saw the interview day before his show, I heard/saw the different person then I imagined before. Of course, he did not tell anything about this show theme and let it to be surprise. But when he was talking about the country, politics, fashion, art, culture I was so inspired. Every single word he said was truth and society probably hates him that much because the truth they ears takes is too hurtful.

Back to the fashion show, the day before as always I made a stupid decision. I ”tried” to clean my skin that lead me to breaking out so bad. So, on Sunday I had to put a good amount of MAC full coverage foundation and concealer. And stupid me, as always had no control in time managing. I was watching YouTube, reading articles until 2pm (the time I had to left my apartment). I was in the rush while getting ready, do not had time to look at my outfit or do a proper contouring. Of course, I had planed my outfit before, but in my head I thought I will try much more various combos and stuff, but in reality I was running around. On Saturday, I also tried to found “Litexpo” (the exhibition house), because it is on the other side of the city. I took 2 buses and walked about 4km + get lost in creepiest neighborhood + prayed that I would not get killed. Not enough that I was lost, also had to take a road under some scary bridge and walk near to the freeway. Plus, it gets super dark around 4pm. After all of these wanderings I found the place where fashion show was hosted. After being in this neighborhood I was searching for a new way to get there that would not take that much walking + made my uber account. On Sunday, fashion show day, after all my rushing I get there on time and new route was less challenging. The door was open at 4pm and I get there 4:01pm., but show started only at 5pm.

For whole hour I was walking around “Litexpo”, somehow, without even noticing, I passed ”security” and came to the business managing seminar or something. Was to scared to listen there (because I did not have a ticket and everyone seemed really serious) and when I was rushing out of this seminar guard stopped me and I was so scared that he would ask where my ticket or something and clearly I didn’t had one.  Tried to act that I didn’t heard him, but he run to give me a card that I was there ”listening”. After this I stopped my travels in “Litexpo” and was patiently waiting for show to start. I was only capable to found my seat 10min before the show and of course there were too many people that 10min would be enough for everyone to found their seats and stuff. So show was late for about 30min, staff member had came and said that designer and his team are ready, but there is too much people still waiting to get their tickets checked and everything.

When you step inside area that podium was you smelled and saw this show theme immediately. It was Lithuanian village. You see hay everywhere, racked meat, vegetables, alive animals (cows, pigs, rooster, chicken, lambs…..). Village vibes 100%. I was so surprised that after so many years of making fashion shows and collections he decided to take our country as a theme. Finally, when this show started it was something like a spectacle. Podium was 100m. long, so I was not capable to see how models take their first steps also thanks to the lady from my left, that had a bonnet that obstruct everything. Firstly, podium walked Lithuanian traditional families, children, man, women all holding to each other and singing our native songs. Some women and children sat down to the table that was near to me, so they were sitting there the whole fashion show time, actually eating apples, singing, acting and stuff. They were like alive decorations. Of course, a little misunderstanding happened and rooster and 2 chickens escaped their little cage. I was a little bit scared, because rooster attacked me twice as a kid and I was hoping that they would not do something to the models or the people that was sitting in the first row, but everything went great.

Now, one day after the show everyone is talking that this idea is stolen from Chanel 2009 show. But how you can represent Lithuanian village without hay, animals and stuff? This is not Paris, Chanel this is Lithuania, Juozas Statkevicius couture.

Few pictures from my phone:

js-sgh 1. Get this leather card holder that had inside 2 cards and calendar. Also, get a newspaper that had an information about collection, members and stuff. Loving gifts as always. Plus, get code that gives me 10% off in this designer e-shop. Planning what can I buy from there to myself for Christmas.

2. After all models, designer made his appearance for us.

3. Models walking at the end.

4. Storm before the show. People was walking around the podium talking pictures, selfies and etc.

My favorite looks:


To clearly understand this collection you need to know Lithuanian culture. Thanks to my Lithuanian language teacher for pushing me so much, because yesterday was easy to understand. Every single outfit has meaning in our culture. Plus, soundtrack was something spectacular. You heard a fashion show kinda music mixed with our native songs. I need to have this music in my playlist asap. It make me feel so proud of our country history and stuff, when you can hear modern music incorporate with native songs, stories…

I can’t believe how perfect everything was. Every single detail was planned from A to Z. All my respect to this designer.

Some of the clothes gave me “BALMAIN” vibes, probably of the cut and fold. But there was only two or three cases.  Plus, can’t believe how corsets are in right now.

I admire, how sarcastic and provocative this designer is. Like in some looks you see outfit that screams ”going to the church”  but then, when you see models back you notice how low her dress is, how much of her skin you can notice. First look is like ”she’s such a good girl, going to the church, so innocent” but then you look more carefully and see that this outfit is provocative. Some of the outfits had obvious two sides of the story and this is so magnificent.

My first fashion show experience is something remarkable. Want to see more!





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