I’m that kind of person that enjoys planning and being in a some kind of routine. Of course,this is very boring lifestyle when you always trying to plan everything and have a little glare to your future, but it is such a comfortable way to live. I’m always open for a new experiences and stuff, but now, when I’m at university and have to study soooo much, I’m trying to be more realistic and settled. I wrote in my work book monthly goals and one of them is to visit some kind of museum or something. But, I think this is not enough. In my head I always planing what my weekend should like and everything, but those plans/goals always leads into the wrong direction. I think, that writing this post would be my motivation to do what I’m actually planned to do. Maybe, I do not fail as fast as I fail when I’m looking at my not done ”to do”list.


Of course, I’m capable of that it takes time. Any change in your life has to settled. I think, that scientists proved that change your routine,habits would take about 37days or something like that. Also, when nowadays I’m alone 24/7 having some routine planned will keep me more busy and I would not become depressed so easily. On top of that, maybe having a routine I would get a little more ”me” time. Just relaxing. That would be perfect.


1. Have a Saturday or Sunday as my blackout day.

2. Have Sunday as my cleaning day.

3. Go to the gym 5 days per week.

4. Visit one museum/ exhibition per month.

5. Read a book per month. Maybe even two : ?

6. Go to the grocery shopping on Friday.

7. Write in a diary at Friday.

8. Write a letter to myself on Saturday/Sunday.

9. Post about 2-3 posts per week.

10. Have a face mask 2-3 times per week.

11. Go to sleep early. Around 10pm – perfect.

12. Try to cook at home, 1 day to have a take out or something.

13. Do not leave studying for last moments/nights.

14. Try new recipes every week. Maybe Saturday would be experiment day for food ?

15. Try to use everything I have in the fridge. Do not throw that much food away.

16. Do not be so hard on myself.

17. Enjoy little things as much as I possible can.

18. Look more at the mirror.

19. To finish all of the makeup products I have bought. I now that this is mission impossible, but let’s give this a try.

So maybe if these plans would work out my life would be ”#epic”?!



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