1. “The body shop” moisture foundation SPF 15 – 23.50€
  2. Inglot “AMC multicolour system bronzing powder” – 14,49€
  3. Inglot “Under eye concealer” – 11,49€
  4. Artdeco “Most wanted contouring palette” – 24,49€
  5. H&M “Eye shadow palette”/ smoky nudes – 12,99€
  6. Inglot “AMC corrective illuminator” – 13,49€
  7. Inglot “Makeup brush 27TG” – 21,95€

I can not say that I’m 100% makeup lover and could spend all my money on makeup without thinking. For me, it really depends on what faze I’m in. Sometimes I would be in the mood to splurge my money on makeup, but sometimes I would come to the beauty store just to buy item that I finished and really needed. Also, I’m not a makeup guru or something, so for me it’s really hard to have an opinion of the product. If product do not work for me I always try to find the excuse that my skin is not good, I probably do not directly know how I have to use it…..So, I’m not the most judgemental person in the world, but after all, trying and trying these beauty products for multiple times I have a honest opinion that these products are crap.

  1.  “The body shop” moisture foundation SPF 15.

I used to be a fan of “The body shop”. I had their bronzing powder, shower gels, skincare products…I was in love with this brand. After having such a good opinion about this brand I decided to splurge a little bit and buy something more expensive than I usually do. I used to always buy drug store foundations, so this one that cost me 20 € was a thing. When I came to the store the assistant was really ”nice” and ”helpful”. I asked if she could recommend me a full coverage foundation and she gave me this one. Clearly, this was not a good foundation for full coverage. Stupid me, didn’t read anything on the internet so believed in every single assistant word. (Learned my lesson.) And in this case, the assistant didn’t knew all the products that well. The same day my mom bought a face cream and she recommended her the wrong one that do not do the effect that she asked for. That day, after shopping we both were pissed off. Plus, we are not that kind of people that would bring items bag to the store, we like to try it with hope that maybe this would work and all that jazz.

This foundation do not have any coverage. 0 coverage.. It’s more like bb cream, but even these works way more better on my skin. This foundation leaves my skin really patchy and oily. Also, it do not wears very well through the day. This is the worst foundation ever. If not the price and my character, this one would be in the bin after first time of using.  I was really shocked, when I saw some makeup girl that uploaded the picture of this foundation on Instagram and from my curiosity I asked her what she thinks about this foundation and all she give me was good reviews of this product. Plus, now when I try to use every single one makeup product of mine and finish it (mission impossible, but still trying…) I bought a “Maybelline” foundation to mix it and it does not lead to the good way. I love “Maybelline” foundation, but even when I mix these too I could only see “The body shop” foundation results- patchiness, oiliness… I just could not wait till the day comes and this foundation would be finished, but probably my nerves would be stronger and f*ck mode would threw this in the bin way sooner.

I remember, the few years ago when “Inglot” opened in our country every makeup lover went a little bit cray cray in this counter. Of course, I tried to jumps in the bandwagon and be ”cool” so I went and buy a few “Inglot” products. I bought way more then I featured in this post, but these would be enough. All I can say, “Inglot” not impressive brand. 0 points from me. Sorry not sorry.

2. Inglot “AMC multicolour system bronzing powder”

I bought this after ending my beloved “The body shop” one. Thought, this would be perfect for every day use and stuff. Well, this is really not pigmented. When you finally get some color from this powder it’s really hard to work with. Shining is not that gorgeous in this powder. Plus, this is bronzing powder not a highlighter so why this product has so much shine to it? Just no, no, no..

3. Inglot “Under eye concealer”

Bought this after my loved NYX “HD concealer” ended. I remember that I was looking for a concealer, but the NYX was not available anymore in the shop or something so I had to pick something new. Could not found anything great and decided to give this one a try. Plus, this concealer gave me such a “professional” vibes, like in my head, you have to have a brush to work with this + packing. Well, this one is really liquid, hard to work with, do not coverage at all, has yellow tones to every shade I saw, makes skin patchy and oily looking, do not wears good threw out the day. Thumbs down.

4. Artdeco “Most wanted contouring palette”

This palette is probably the item that gets the least amount of hate then everything else. I do not really know what I feel for this product, but for now, I’m more into the ”hate”, ”regret” side. This palette you can find in two shades – ”warm” and ”cool”. I tried both of them and they really do not work great with my skin tone. Contour colors is really great, works really great, can’t judge them, but the blush and highlighter are not so great. This palette can easily irritate my skin when it becomes quite dry.

5. H&M “Eye shadow palette”/ smoky nudes

This palette was my first eye shadow palette that I owned. I bought this one two summers ago from my own hard worked money that I earned by painting house walls. Buying this palette was a moment for me. I really like the colors and I already finished the brightest one and probably this palette would be amazing for makeup artists,lovers, people that loves sparkly looks and knows how to work with these sparkly shadows. These shadows has a huge fall out and this irritates my skin so much. Plus, for someone that is not such a beauty guru is really hard to work with shimmery shades and it’s so easy to ruin your ”masterpiece” by trying to add shimmer, especially the shimmery pink color, in the middle, is a killer for me. Ruined too many of my ”masterpieces”..

6. Inglot “AMC corrective illuminator”

This one I actually finished quite some time ago, but my hate is still alive for this product. Plus was one- it finishes really quickly. This ”Inglot” tends to crease a lot, has this oiliness allusive shine, you can’t wear this normally throughout the day. When I had this product on my face I had to look at myself in the mirror constantly because this products tends to give suddenly ”surprises”. Also the patches from this…

7. Inglot “Makeup brush 27TG”

When I tried to be ”cool” girl I decided that one of the ways to become more ”popular” in our school gorgeous girls group was by having some cool, professional looking tools. We did not have MAC or something close to that, so the only way for me to become ”cool” was by buying ”Inglot” brushes. I bought quite a few of them. For now, all I can say that from 5 brushes I love just one. So it wasn’t win win situation for me. Also, did not become popular in beauty lovers group. Loss loss…Seriously, when I splurged all my money that I had back then for these brushes I believed that they would do their job amazingly. And especially this brush is the biggest disappointment for me. Even now, when I’m more into makeup, own brushes from “Sigma”, “Morphe” and stuff I try this brush with thoughts that maybe now it will do his job. And it always leaves me disappointed. I could not find a beauty product that would work with this brush and I tried so many. After using this brush your face is left with quite a few hairs from this brush and what to say about washing this.When I’m cleaning this brush it looks like after this procedure there would be no ”hair” left at all. It has such a huge fall out (if this possible for the brush).Plus, the handle is really uncomfortable, hard to clean and stuff. The list of hate for this brush is endless.  This is probably the biggest disappointment in beauty product/tool that I ever had.








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