1. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour all over miracle oil (100ml.) – 24,95€
  2. Maybelline dream bb fresh / soy extract (30ml.) – 10€
  3. Rimmel london match perfection concealer (7ml.) – 8,20€
  4. Rimmel london stay matte pressed powder – 7,50 €
  5. Max factor 2000 calorie dramatic volume – 11,99€
  6. Anastasia beverly hills brow wiz – 22€
  7. H&M cream lipstick/ 003 cream chestnut – 9,99€

Every single morning I have the same problem – pressing ”snooze” too much. So, when I finally get up I have about 20min. to get ready so 90% of my mornings is just me, rushing around in my apartment. I remember, back to my school days, the good makeup was a priority for me. Could not leave the house without contouring and stuff. Was a diva 100%, but now, when a few minutes of sleep becomes my priority my makeup become super simple. When I first started to go to uni I used to do the contouring and stuff so just by making my face flawless I would use about 40min. of my morning time, get a little bit bored of that and understated with my face aka art piece so I made my makeup routine a little bit less tempting – said bye bye to cream contour, after that said bye bye to full coverage foundations, then – blush, bronzer and for now I have this super simple routine that takes not that much time.

Now, when it’s so cold outside I always use this Elizabeth Arden miracle oil. This product moisturize my skin and also I think it’s some kind of primer, just because I use this bb cream I don’t put an actual primer. Skipping the primer step. This bb cream is my favorite. I tried so many of them, but I’m always going back to this one. For the last two years I was 100% full coverage foundation girl, but after this kinda long break we are finally back together. Bought this to use when I go to the gym or just simple running my errands, but now when I become so lazy I use this for every day. This don’t give a good coverage so concealer is important in this routine. For now, I’m using this Rimmel one, can’t say any bad words about it like it, but not loving it. It’s concealer that does it job. Then, I apply my all time favorite powder. It’s probably the item that I always re-buy. Always back to this powder. Tried so many others too, but I’m staying with this one. Devotion. Then I do my brows or lashes. I always f*ck up my lashes and this mascara is not really good, but I want to finish it. Also, I never used to use Anastasia brow wiz on my every day brows, but now, when a new ”eyebrow lady ” shaped them a little bit differently is way more easier to work with eyebrow pencil than powder. And to finish this look, I try to make this really natural look a little bit more interesting by putting a little bit darker lipstick. Voila. All ready to go.




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