Now, being an adult, having ”grown up” problems and stuff I see that the persons confidence is their index in life. Wish, that someone would told me this in my younger days… No one in my life really showed me how confidence can change person, life. I had to understand it on my own. And sometimes the way to understand some things takes a lot of time and deviation. Or even mistakes.

For all my life, my confidence levels is bellow zero. Maybe I can’t say that I own even a little crumbs of confidence.In me you just can’t found it. None. Empty. I believed that I’m just really shy person that is stuck in incommensurate body. From my early days I was a child that looks like don’t even knows how to speak, act, socialize…My insecurities was in my every step. I didn’t speak or smile, because I was insecure about my teeth and I’m still am, I don’t know how to act or what exact manners I have to use when I’m around many people, how should I speak that no one would mimic my voice and I would sound normal…The list of these scenarios in my head is never ending. I never understood that these insecurities is bringing me down in every day life. As I said, confidence did not appeared in my life. I thought that people was born brave, perfect, without insecurities, problems..How stupid is this. I wish that someone have told this to me. Confidence. Maybe that would have opened my eyes way more sooner.

But the lessons you learn hard way is the ones that is going to  stuck with you forever. This year, I had the opportunities to understand how important confidence is. This is the index of life, priorities, looks…Everything. When you have confidence I think you can easily run this world!

You can feel when someone is confident. You get these vibes. For me, the confident person, is somebody that learned to love their insecurities, do not overthinks to much about their mistakes, speaks their mind out, are loyal to themselves, love….Love life, themselves, everything..Somebody that can be selfish for themselves and do not feel guilt for that. Confidence = loving yourself?

For the next year I really want to become confident. Life is a struggle when you have a tiny crumbs that looks like confidence. It’s hard to live a life that you want to, change your habits, surroundings…. But now, I see the confidence as a key to happiness. I know, that the confident people has struggles and stuff, but I want to speak my mind out, smile without thinking how my teeth looks. Be comfortable in my own skin…I just want to be confident.






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