1. H&M cleansing wipes –  2, 99 € (25 wipes)
  2. H&M eye makeup remover pads – 4,99€ (60 pads)
  3. Clarisonic Mia 2 – 150€
  4. Clarisonic refreshing gel cleanser – 25€
  5. Garnier micellar cleansing water – 7,49 €
  6. Glamglow PowerMud – 14,99€ (15g.)
  7. Origins clear improvement mask – 25,95€ (100ml.)
  8. Origins high potency night a mins cream oil free – 45,95€ (50ml.)
  9. Body shop aloe eye defence – 18,50 € (15ml.)
  10. Mavala switzerland double lash – 19,49€ (10ml.)
  11. Eos lip balm- 6,99€

Seriously, when I was younger and acted like human-pig I had any idea of a skincare. I think that I had my first moisturizer when I was 14 or something and I never used to pay a lot of attention to my skin. I didn’t see any point of it and it was just time wasting thing. But now, I’m  taking the better care of it. I changed my opinion about it 100%.

In the morning time I do not do much for my skin, but in the evening time I’m always having this pamper time. Can’t skip my routine. It’s a rule. Even when I don’t feel like it or when I’m too tired to do something I can’t go to sleep without doing this routine. Now, in winter months, when it’s so cold outside I spent a little bit more money than I usually do on the skincare products. My skin becomes super dry so special care is needed.

,,H&M” wipes is my new found love! They have that really fresh smell that I adore and takes my makeup off kinda neatly. Then the other product is also my new found love from “H&M”. How basic am I? But these eye makeup remover pads is game changing thing. It’s so easy and comfortable to use. Sometimes it’s all about comfort. Some days my makeup ”taking off” part ends after these two ”steps”, but about 3 or 4 times a week I use my Clarisonic Mia 2. When it’s not so cold outside and my skin is not so dry I use Clarisonic every day, but when winter is freaking cold here I have to stop myself from using it and limit it to 3 times. What I really love about using  Clarisonic that’s how ”fresh” and ”clean” my skin feels afterwards. Feels like there is no dirt on it, pure cleanliness. Also, I’m kinda boring and just use Clarisocin cleansing gel, but this one really works well on my skin and I’m a little bit scared to try new ones, because ones I used from Body shop break out my skin terribly. Moving on, I use micellar cleansing water. This is really inexpensive and do it’s job. No complains. About 2 or 3 times a week, when I’m in a mood or when I have not much to study I have ”proper” pamper routine with face masks. I like to mix these, so sometimes I use Glamglow or Origins, but if a need more of the moisturizer effect I grab some face masks from H&M or Douglas, but I haven’t found anything good and really moisturizing yet. So, if I have a face mask and after ”taking” it off I use my micellar water and then I’m ready for creams. Bought this ”Origins” moisturizer and this one  was kinda expensive for me, but it’s really good. It helps with my skin a lot when I have these dry paches. After moisturizing my face, I move on to eye area. This body shop under eye cream is really refreshing and ”light”. Love this product. Then, I use this new product for lashes that I accidentally found online. Don’t know if this really works, because I think, you have to use it for about 4 weeks to see the results and for now I’m in the middle of this interval. The last step is liiiips. I can’t go to sleep without lip balm on my lips. Diva. But I can’t be bothered to fall asleep without having my lips “pampered”.




    1. At first, when I just start using it, it break out my skin really badly. But now, I love it! I don’t think that this would be great if your skin is really dry, but if you have oily, combination skin this would be great purchase. 🙂

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