1. NYX “Photo loving” primer – 13 €

2.MAC “Studio fix fluid” spf 15 – 31€

3. MAC “Pro longwear” concealer – 22 €

4. NYX “Concealer. Correct. Contour.” Palette – 14 €

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow wiz” – 22€

6. NYX eyeshadow base – 9 €

7. Morphe “Matte natural glow “(350M) – 40€

8. Isadora “Fine liner eye stylo” – 17 €

9. L’oreal Paris “Super liner mat-matic”- 7,19€

10. Eyelure lashes 140 – 6,40€

11. L.A. girl “HD pro” concealer  – 8,00€

12. Paese ”HD definition” loose power – 14,77€

13. Artdeco “Most wanted contouring palette” – 24,49€

14. NYX ”Born to glow” liquid illuminator – 8,50 €

15. Bobbi brown “Shimmer brick” – 49,95€

16. NYX “Nude-MPL10 retractable lip liner” – 3,80€

17. MAC “Kinda sexy” matte lipstick – 20€

18. MAC “prep + prime fix +” – 20€

+ Max factor “2000 calorie dramatic volume” mascara – 11,99€.

In my ”every day” life my makeup routine is super simple, but when holidays and all festive stuff is around the corner I’m in the mood to level up my makeup game and spent a little more time ”working” on my face ”art”. Because of my studies and living-being alone 24/7 I don’t have ”nights out” or something, but when I decide to go to the old town or something I try to spent a little more time on my makeup routine. It just make me feel more confident and happy for the day. Sometimes, that’s usually on Friday night I spent my evening playing with makeup. It’s always fun to try something new and experiment on what works the best on my face. So, this is the routine that I would use for evening/party/night out..

Firstly, I’m applying this green NYX “Photo loving” primer. Seriously, I’m not expert in primers so I can’t say if this works great, for how long it can held my makeup and stuff, but I love how smooth my skin is after putting this green stuff on it. Then it’s time for my favorite foundation-MAC “Studio fix fluid” ! It gives such a good coverage. This foundation can be kinda heavy on your skin, so if you don’t have that much to cover I would recommend something lighter. After this step I apply ”Pro longwear” concealer and I use this just to cover my under eye circles and for spots,zits and jazz like this I use NYX “Concealer. Correct. Contour.” Palette. Love the concealers from this one + it has ”blendable” contouring shades. So if I’m in the mood for cream type contour I would use something from this palette. After making my face more ”acceptable” I move on to brows. I don’t know but brows is not the hardest part for me, maybe it’s because I have them ”fixed” by professionals once a moth or so. Or maybe I’m not striking for eyebrow perfectionism. Then it’s time for most fun & risky part – eyes. In my eyes, you can f*ck up this part really easily. At least this is happening to me really usually. Firstly, I apply a eyeshadow base and then I start the game with Morphe “Matte natural glow “(350M) palette. I love this palette!!! Colors&pigmentation is amazing! Really proud of this purchase. Also, it’s really amazing that many beauty gurus has this palette and you can found many makeup tutorials online if you need one. For now I’m in the faze to use orange-reddish colors.  After finishing this game I move on to eyeliner from Isadora and a simple liner from L’oreal for my waterline. Liners really depends on what mood I’m, so sometimes I don’t even use them at all. Then I apply false lashes, really love more dramatic ones from Eyelure and if I need I use my eyeliner from Isadora to fix things up. I forgot to mention mascara, stupid me! But I’m to lazy to add this in this collage & it don’t have that much space left to incorporate mascara. After adding my lashes I put Max factor “2000 calorie dramatic volume” mascara – 11,99€.Then I use LA girl concealer in shade ”Toast” to contour. This step really depends on my mood too. Sometimes I do contouring with shades from NYX palette and sometimes I use this one from LA girl. I’m really relaying on my mood in this case. Then I do some ”baking” with loose powder that I got from Paese. How upsetting is the fact that my country does not sell Laura Mercier….I would be probably using or at least trying the loose powder from Laura Mercier but for now I have to stick with this one from Paese. After ”baking” I use this powder all over my face too protect me from shining a.k.a. oiliness. Then I use the palette that I have mixed feelings about, but I want to finish it, so I’m using it whenever I can. It’s the one from  Artdeco called “Most wanted contouring palette”. After applying and setting my cream contouring I move on to the highlighting part. Sometimes, if I want to be extra I use a illuminator from NYX and then Bobbi Brown’s “Shimmer brick” on top. Sometimes I only use shimmer brick. Once again, it depends on what faze I’m in. Lips&lips….I use lip liner from NYX and MAC’s ”Kinda sexy”. Love this combo! I know that this time of the year people mainly use dark lip colors, but they really do not work great on me, so you have to pick what’s good and works on your skin/face. Then to finish everything I use MAC “prep + prime fix +”. I believe that this also moistens my dry skin, but maybe I just made that up in my head.



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