After Christmas craziness I always find myself in this strange mood. I’m upset, that the festive season is almost over and also, soon we will be turning next page of our lives. I’m kinda afraid to think about next year and still trying to sink in the year that we have only few days to live in. So, resume of the year that will flow by really soon is a must.

  1. Even the best and most expensive hairstylist can not make your hair the way you want to. Even the pictures can’t help. Never dying my hair again (until I’m 30 or something).
  2. When you try to do some makeup tutorial or some DIY from youtube or pinterest – it just never going to work out. Trust me. You are not as talented as them. #beautygurudream
  3. It’s really hard to change your eating habits.
  4. Even if you buy 1year membership to the gym it does not mean that you are even going there once in a week or month.
  5. Procrastination = me.
  6. It’s really hard to say no to cookie, cupcake, ice cream…
  7. Never spend to much money on makeup, because you are not a beauty guru + you don’t need it + you will throw it to the bin at the end of the year. Food is better.
  8. Not all sneakers are comfortable…
  9. Always plan what you are going to buy.
  10. Do not make a weekly meal plans or something. It does not work. And you will failed the 2nd day.
  11. Do not show off too much on social media because it’s irritating and boring.
  12. What look good on model may not look that good on you.
  13. Your body on pictures does not look exactly the same like in real life #goodangles
  14. You can meet the stupidest people ever in the best university in your country/ hardest class.
  15. Never buy clothes just because of the brand name or face/ model/ celebrity.
  16. Never dye your hair lighter shades. It’s not for you.
  17. When you have it, you don’t appreciate, but when you lost it you are devastated.
  18. The end sometimes means beginning.
  19. Don’t be ”open book” to the new people.
  20. Don’t judge people, because you really don’t know what they are going through.
  21. Be nice, not bitchy.
  22. Book can make your soul more affluent.
  23. Don’t take anything for granted.
  24. Health is wealth.
  25. Family comes first. Always.
  26. Sometimes you can’t be too hard to yourself. It will not lead you in good direction.
  27. Being anxious and not be capable of something (or maybe even everything) is okay. After all, better times will come.
  28. Gossips will be around you and there is nothing you  can change about it. Let them speak their minds out.
  29. Love yourself.
  30. Wake up early and take as much as you can from your day.




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