1st row


After long and not so successful day (I was made fun by latin professor and now all course are thinking how stupid I am and things like that, so this was not really good day… Also, ”received” a lot of weird looks, that obviously was acceptable after I was made fun of in whole course eyes) I was loyal to myself and did something that I planned for whole week- have a stroll around old town once again and do some kind of ”photo shoot” for myself of the amazingly looking Vilnius city Christmas tree.  I was not only visiting Christmas tree, but also went to look around more Christmassy looking streets, buildings..How cool these pink trees looks?! I want to have a garden full of them in winter time.

2nd and 3rd rows


Traveling day! Woke up kinda early to clean my apartment and stuff, and then I had to take 2 buses to reach my destination – airport. Was a little bit too early, but better early than too late. I was kinda anxious to go through security, because in Vilnius airport majority of people are stopped and checked too much and everything.. And I was too anxious to have this experience and thanks that I got my things done with security super fast. I was sitting in my gate area for 2 hours that went kinda fast, because I was watching YouTube and stuff. Social media/ Internet = time killers.

On the plane to Oslo I had my seat in the middle, but really sweet, Norwegian, kinda artsy young man let me switch our seats so I was sitting near the track. Not the window seat, but that’s fine. Flight went really fast and when we landed I was able to see how much Oslo Gardemon airport changed in 3 months or so. Because I only had hand luggage I directly walk in gates area with no security checks and stuff. I had 4 hours till my next flight, so I was walking around Duty Free that was soo big! Finally found Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation that I really want to try out, but it was kinda expensive – 449kr= 44€ and I had plans to buy presents for my parents so this time money went to another products for another people. After about 2 hours walking around airport, I understood that my gate was on the other side of the airport that I had to cross without any possibility to get back to international flight area. So, after finally reaching my gate I was left without starbucks or big shops..Not international gates area in this airport is no fun. The only good thing they have there is Jamie Olivier restaurant that I did’t have possibility to visit, because it was too crowded & when I’m traveling I’m too scared to eat, because then I feel super sick (probably of my anxiety) when I’m actually in the plane, car. Panic attacks starts, it looks/feels like I’m going to vomit and stuff, when in reality that would not happen and that’s only made up in my head. But when I’m travelling I choose option to not eat. Not so healthy, but it’s better for me.

My second and last flight of the day was kinda disaster. Once again, I had a seat in the middle and passengers aka my neighbors was not so nice. The man on my left  was a little bit masculine and his long legs did not fit in his seat area so my legs had to make some kind of pose that I would be capable to sit with his legs in my place and he was sleeping the whole time, covered by his big parka that was reaching/touching my arms non stop and the lady on my right did not take of her huge parka that reminded me skier jacket and she decided to take her shoes off and put her legs up. So I was sitting without having not much space, I was not even able to place my arms anywhere. I could not even reach my iPod that was so near me. In my luck, this flight was super short, only about 50min. so my pangs without having any space was super short. Plus, this flight was delayed for 30min. because 5 passengers of Copenhaga was running late and before Christmas pilot decided to wait for them. So we were sitting 30min in the plane, in our seats, waiting for these 5 people to come.

After this flight, I was super tired and hungry, because my anxiety finally released me and I started to feel hunger. In my luck, my mom had some food for me. Right after stepping out of airport, we went to malls. Mission was to find a winter boots for me, because I did not have ones, and it’s really cold there. Mission was accomplished really quickly, then had a little shopping spree in one of my favorite Norwegian clothes shop – Bik Bok. Everything is so perfect there. After this, had not so tasty hot dog, my travels continued by taking 2 ferries to reach my parent’s house. Of course, when I stepped inside their house I directly ran to my guinea pigs. I missed these fluffy & cute things so much! When I took one of them, in my hands I almost felt in tears for I don’t know what reason. Maybe I was tired or too emotional because of how much I missed them. When my joy of seeing my guinea pigs was normalized I remembered that I have to hide my parents presents that I had in my luggage, so I make my way to my room. I was so surprised! Wish, I could relive this moment over and over again. When I opened my small room door I saw Christmas decorations! My parents did not tell me about them and had no idea of them. And they picked up such a nice decorations. When I saw this Christmassy room the little Grinch in me was gone. Was sooo happy! Plus, the moment I was putting parents presents in draws I opened a 1st draw and it was full with new clothes and stuff that my parents bought for me. Had no idea that my parents can give me so much and surprise me so well. Clothes were perfect, room was perfect. They even got me Christmas bedding. How amazing is that?! Plus, when I came to the living room we had a hot chocolate and a cake that mom baked for me. Felt so gifted and blessed. It’s better for me to flight out my home country, leave old house and visit my parents that feel so much love for me.  So, in resume 23rd day was perfect for me.

Plus, my dad got me and my mom matching pyjamas with little bears. Not the style that I would go to, but this time it’s alright.


1st row


Christmas tree with all the presents. My parents decorate it a week ago or something. So many presents. The big box was all for me. Did not dreamed about it after such an amazing welcome and so many things they already bought me. Felt super happy & lucky.  Christmas eve was really calm. Was sitting in the living room, drinking hot chocolate, watching TV with my parents and stuff. Plus, I finally watched “Love actually”.

2nd and 3rd rows


Christmas!!! My mom come to my room to wake me up, but I was already awake. Did not have that much desire to open presents for no reason, but here we go. I was kinda excited to see my parents reactions, but for me, when I’m opening presents its so strange. Everyone is looking at me and I don’t know how to act, what emotions I have to feel. It’s just strange. This year, my parents did something really different and for the first time I get big box with smaller gifts inside. Smaller gifts had a numbers, so I had to follow the order. When I was placing my gifts on the ground the 4th box was kinda obvious for me. It was an iPhone 7, but I acted like I could not tell and opened everything how I was told and of course was super excited by seeing that I got a new phone. Finally! At first, I was a little bit lost, and asked my parents what model that was, maybe it’s 6s or something. Probably from the happiness I was not able to see what was written. Christmas went pretty good and looks like parents enjoyed their presents.And my parents did a really good job.I even get beauty related stuff, food, furry slippers! This day went really fast. Was so full for a whole day, but probably that what festive season is for. Foood.

Still can not get enough of my room decorations and bedding. Obsessed.




1st picture

From my parents house we had about 3hours ride to the Trondheim. Was so excited about this trip.I was here once before, but can’t really remember much, but this time I’m ready to document all.

I can’t believe how much snow I saw on our way here. Looks like real winter. The area where my parents live have 0 snow, so Christmas was not so white looking ones, but around Trondheim is so much snow. Just can’t believe it.

2nd picture

First time eating in Norwegian restaurant/canteen. Was expecting for something more delicious, but that was alright. Was super hungry, so anything from food category suited my stomach. Our lunch was super expensive, so I ate every single chicken nugget that was on my plate. Leave this was too wasteful. For our 3 people lunch with one dessert my dad paid 524kr. How crazy is that? And now, thinking about it, this food was not worth this amount of money.

3rd picture

In the whole Norway seems like people are living in constant darkness. We went to shopping centre and when we finally left it it was dark again. You woke up to darkness, have few hours of light and then darkness again. After leaving our hotel rooms we decided to visit more shops and have a stroll around the city. The most famous thing in Trondheim is this Nidara cathedral. It’s breathtaking. Also, it’s the only thing I remember from our previous trip. It looks so untouched by historical events, centuries. It’s just magnificent.

4th picture

Starbucks that was closed! I think I have some kind of curse from Starbucks. I have never been in starbucks and I really want to. We don’t have starbucks in Lithuania and there is no around my parents area. I wanted to try their coffee about 4 years ago, when I was travelling with my mom. They have one in Oslo airport, but then I had no money to buy one and was too shy to talk to barista. Left with no Starbucks then. After 2 years, when we were traveling from Antalya Starbucks once again was right before me, and we were rushing to reach our flight gate and line was too long. Year after that, once again at Oslo airport I was ready to try it, but line was too long and I had some problems with luggage or something. This week, while I was strolling around in the same Oslo airport I saw Starbucks and decided to buy coffee from them before my flight, but when I stepped inside not international flights area no Starbucks were left. Now, on this trip I had Starbucks address even in my phone and everything and accidentally, without plan to visit it or something (I was thinking to visit it day after), I found Starbucks! And it was closed. How upsetting is that? Well, tomorrow  Starbucks mission will continue.

5th picture

Trondheim city decorations are so simple, but so gorgeous at the same time.

6th picture

After our evening walk around the city I have some missions to accomplish. Had a little party at my parents room and after that, back at my room, new evening portable office. Today, finally bought a hard drive so I can put my computer files and everything in. And I have so many! I thought that it would take a lot of time to install everything and stuff, but it was so easy. The harder part was even in the shops to decide with one to buy than import files to it. Plus, bought a new power bank, that matches to my phone. This power bank was cheap, 100kr, and probably that was a reason why I bought it. I already have one, but this one is way more smaller and probably more convenient to carry around with me. So, had a little tech time with new gadgets this evening.

7th picture

This Radisson Blu hotel is amazing. Is so comfortable and nice. Love it. Also, it has some art pieces. It’s just amazing. I don’t want to leave this room. Plus, it’s the first time when I have a whole hotel room for myself. Feel so relaxed and independent. If I would have enough money I would probably have a tradition to spent one night in a nice hotel every single month. That would be so great to change environment even for such a short period of time, but after this, mind and soul feels so refreshed.

8th picture

Today was kinda a successful day at H&M for me. I’m not a huge H&M fan as I used to be, but today I found this pyjamas for 100kr. Maybe they look a little bit Christmassy, but they would do for me in every other season. Carried these to my hotel room, just to check if they fit and they are so comfy. Did not wanted to take them off.

Also feel bitter sweet this evening. I bought 3 bags per 1 day. 3 f*cking bags. I’m crazy. Can’t explained how that happened, but I splurged. In my defense, sales are guilty, but not me.

9th picture

After finishing my tech related things I found one of my favorite movies, “Harry Potter and half blood prince”, on hotel TV. Evening ended perfectly. Watching Harry Potter, eating Mexican chips, drinking cola and writing blog post, editing pictures for Instagram. Such a nice and relaxed evening.





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