1. Giorgio Armani beuty luminous silk foundation 55€ / 419kr ∼ 41€ / saved ∼14€
  2. Yves Saint Laurent “Rouge pur couture mat” 70 – 35€/ 269kr ∼ 26€/ saved 9€
  3. Biotherm “Biosourse total renew oil” – 30€/ 229kr /saved ∼8€
  4. Kiehl’s Micro-blur  skin perfector 239kr
  5. MAC “Strobe cream” – 30€/ 279kr /saved ∼3€

As everyone, every day or even every second I’m getting older and older. By getting older, especially when you are not transforming from child=teenager=adult, with time, your habits changes. For now, I think I had learned the lessons of splurging my money, especially when I have no time for job and being a student with limited budget is a little bit complicated. When you become accountant for yourself it’s become clear that you have to plan everything with ”strict” mode on.

I learned the lessons of spending too much money on makeup or things I don’t need/use in general. So, in the end of 2016 I started to make a list of the things that I really want to buy if I would have some extra money. This list is drawling every time when I see something tempting. In general, I already saw how this list is helpful in my life. I don’t let myself to go to the shops, especially beauty, spontaneously, I buy what I really need that was named in my list and talking about writing products down is really helpful, because with time you can change your opinion and just cross out it without not spending that extra money. And with that extra money you can reward yourself with a little bit more expensive product you can only dreamed about.

When I was flying to visit my parents at Christmas time I had connected flight and had 4 hours of spare time. Because I had another mission, to buy my parents last Christmas presents, I was not allowing to buy anything for myself and some beauty counters I just skipped. But my eyes caught Giorgio Armani counter that we only have in 1 beauty store in the whole country and was so amazed to see that they have luminous silk foundation. I heard so many good opinions about this one, it looks like majority of the beauty gurus on social media uses this foundation.Well, when I was flying home, once again I had connected flight with 2 hours spare time, so a week before my flight I was looking/reading/searching for all possible information that exist about this product. I  I was so tempted to use it too. And when foundation is that expensive I was really thinking if this really worth my saved money. I have kinda problematic skin and I always try to use full coverage, matte finish  foundations, but a while ago, I did a experiment on myself and saw that by cutting out diary products, sweets and other not so healthy foods my skin become clear, had that kinda glowy aka looking gorgeous&healthy, but of course I just love the unhealthy foods too much and destroyed my skin soon after.By buying this expensive as f*ck  foundation, I had in mind that if needed I can use this as my motivation to eat healthier. Like I want to use this foundation and have the best possible result from it that could be only achieved by clear, healthy looking skin. When my skin is breaking out, not looking the best it just not feels great to to put foundation. I think is just product wasting process.  Of course I understand the cases if you really need to go somewhere or you just have acne problems in general and you just use foundation without thinking, but for me, when I have breakouts from food is just not seems right. Like, I can push myself to have gorgeous skin and stuff. Well, for now I haven’t tried it yet, waiting for my skin to clear up, because I started 30 days eating clean&healthy challenge, so I’m hoping to achieve the best result that is possible. But in general, now thinking, this foundation is expensive. Really expensive. I could use this for every day wear, it just too luxurious for me and my limited budget, but for special occasions or whenever I want to feel shady I can use it. Every pump will be counted and every single drop of this foundation will be used.

I finally have YSL lipstic!!!! This was a tiny dream of mine for 4 years now. So, this lipstick is kinda special I guess. Well, in the airport funny story happened because when I was strolling around duty free I accidentally thought why not buying YSL lipstick now and this was the last item that reached my duty free basket. I always organize what to buy, make lists and stuff, so when I went to the duty free makeup section I know exactly what I need and want so I was doing my shopping like little robot. Going, picking item, putting to my basket..I had planned this shopping, but in my list I did not have this product included. For the past year or so I was looking forward for the opportunity to treat myself and buy this lipstick, but I never did, but now I had extra money left, so I was ready for it. And all these purchases that I made that day was a Christmas gift from myself to myself..Such a nice gifts. I really wanted 66 one, but they don’t have this one at the time, so with the help of assistant I chose shade 70 that I really like. Nude with some pink undertone to it. Perfect.

Biotherm “Biosourse total renew oil”. Saw this product on one of the lithuanian beauty gurus YouTube channel when she talked/showed her skincare routine. On many aspects I had similar opinion with her and my skin type is just like hers, so I think for now I have to trust her opinion and try this one. Also, I will be using this product every single day, so it was not a hard decision for me to make when I was buying it. Plus, the reviews is really good and the ingredients is tempting. And I never used anything from Biotherm so it’s really fun to finally use something from this brand.

The next one is Kiehl’s Micro-blur skin perfector. I had never tried anything from Kiehl’s. Well, I wanted to buy the midnight recovery serum, but it was too expensive for me at the moment, when I have other serums, but I was willing to try something other, that would be needed in my every day life and I would not have other substitute for. Well, on the holiday time I saw this product on Snapchat. This product was showed as a perfect primer. I use primers, but I don’t really see the difference like others when I need to talk about the lasting and stuff, so I had the screenshot of this product and had a questionable thoughts, but when I actually saw this in real life and read all the purpose, using and stuff I was hooked with the idea and bought it. After buying this one, I maybe did not make such a good job at finding all the information about this, so now I’m little confused. Reviews on this is like 50/50. So, fingers crossed I will be in the half that thinks that this product works.

MAC “Strobe cream”. The product that was the first one to reach my basket. I found out about this one in the article that had list with the products every women should own in her makeup bag/draws. In the article this was named as a primer, but in especially in Instagram I saw people using this as substitute for bb creams/foundation and stuff like that.  I don’t think I have read any negative comments or reviews on it, so this product was a must for me.

Also, some fun thing happened. After, seeing the luminous silk foundation, when I flied to my parents I was looking for the all the possible information and stuff, so then I decided if something happens and I would not buy this stuff where should I get this in my local beauty store. Only one store in whole country has this brand and foundation cost 55€. Flying back home, when I had 2 hours spare time, I was not holding back and was buying a few products. In this case 5. After this shopping, I was looking at the same products at my local beauty shops, and the prices is a little bit different. Well, in my country we don’t have this Kiehl’s item, but other than that I saved some money. I saved +34€ total and that is shocking. I don’t know maybe beauty stuff at the airport duty free is cheaper or something, but I’m just shocked. Not feeling to buy any beauty products in Lithuania anymore.







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