1. Tall jacket from BIK BOK 299kr ∼ 30€

2. Higher ankle black jeans from BIK BOK 499kr ∼ 50€

3. Fur scarf 299kr ∼ 30€

4. Lara cap 149kr ∼ 15€

5. Basic tee 199kr∼ 20€

6. Jessika sweater 399kr ∼ 40€

7. Fluffy sweater 299kr ∼ 30€

8. Cardigan 299kr ∼ 30€

New year=new clothes. Well, on festive season I had opportunity to feel free in every occasion. Or in other phrase-be a little child again.I live on my own 24/7 I feel this kinda weird pressure on myself, because everything is up to me, I have to be controller of my financials, schedules and stuff like that. It’s pleasant experiences when you can decide everything, but sometimes it is just too hard. Too hard to be an adult and make all these decisions. Now, I admire every single day that I spent care free by doing nothing, just being a child, that’s all. On this Christmas I was visiting my parents and it was such a great week in every single way. I was free from university and all these lectures, I was free from scheduling my day and thinking about everything and also I had the opportunity to treat myself in kinda weird way- buying clothes. When I live alone I’m really strict on budget questions, I would not let myself buy clothes or something. I have this logic now, that is better to save money than spend on things that is not that needed. But maybe it’s because I’m really disappointed that money I get every single month is not mine, they are something that my parents were working so hard to get. Because of my crazy university schedule i’m not capable to get a job, but still the thought about the money a.k.a. parents money makes me feel guilty. Well, on his vocation I had a “talk” with my parents and they said me that I can spend money here, while visiting them, without counting or thinking. Now, by they hard work, they achieved good financial stage where a lot of things can be done without thinking, so I let myself to feel this kinda of financial freedom for a few days. We had out trip to Trondheim and of course I had to go to their shopping centers not once or twice.. And I love BIK BOK. It’s a brand that I believe only Scandinavian countries have and I’m a little bit too crazy about this label. Majority of the items they sell is 100% my style. I do not think that the popular “Zara” have the same sense of style as me. I even check online store once in a week or sometimes even more often to see if anything new is up. I’m just obsessed.
Well, Trondheim in this scenario had 3 BIK BOK shops. The only bad thing I guess is that I was “hitting” these shops before sales and maybe I made a little loss in this area, because I believe some of these items will be up on January sale. But, before I even stepped on Norwegian ground I felt in love with this red jumper, hat and jacket. I was trying to find something similar in our Northern Europe shops but that was mission impossible. Well, by checking all three Trondheim BIK BOK shops my mission was achieved. By actually finding, trying, falling in love with it, I found other pieces to my wardrobe as well. Right now, I’m really focused to make my wardrobe a “capsule” one. I want to have a timeless clothes that would be my style statements. I think it’s amazing when you have wardrobe that you can open and directly see what you can match&wear on every occasion. Also, you can save so much time when you do not need to plan how to dress and match every single cloth.

The shopping is kinda hard for me, because I don’t want to buy something that will not be worn as much, but also I was trying to balance my purchases to winter/autumn,spring time. I needed some really warm sweaters, but also I was looking forward to get some pieces to upcoming spring season. So I get that ”Tall” jacket, simple, black T-shirt and I think that a little bit colder spring day this cardigan can be worn on a day out too. I don’t know how much of these items I could successfully match with my old clothes, but the upcoming seasons will show.

Right now, I’m don’t have the opportunity to put my outfits together, because of my exam month and also I have no place to go, visit, because of my time spent by the books and maybe I just don’t have enough desire.

Upcoming seasons, my wardrobe is kinda ready for ya.



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