Nowadays, when it’s so cold outside and I have a lot of going on in the university I found myself dreaming about vocation. I would really love to have one and just be under the palm tree, enjoying the heat, but in reality I live in super cold city and have to go to university and pass my exams.

Right now, perfect location for holidays would be anywhere that has sun shining and about + 30 ° C. For reals, if I would have spare time and a lot of money I would not be able to pick where I want to go! But then, I would love to go the Italy, but it’s quite risky now, when the earthquake happened, then Turkey and Egypt would not be great too, because of politic disturbance or something. Plus, I’ve visited Turkey before and it did not have great imagine in my eyes. I think I would go to Mauritius, Dubai or something…Dreams, dreams, dreams…

We had some kind of tradition. For the last 3 years or so, me and my mom, would go somewhere super hot, in the middle of the summer. We visited Bulgaria, Crete, Turkey, but last year our tradition was destroyed. I had my exams, then prom and stuff like that, so summer was fully interrupted on with school/university things, I was only capable to visit Norway for 2 weeks or something, that comparing this to other summers is nothing.

It’s so stupid to remember how anxious I used to be on vocations. Always, something was not good enough or wrong for me. And I was too stubborn to explore new places so what I would always do is just sitting by the pool with the book or something. Or wishing if I could sit in my room, because I was too ashamed of my body and was trying to hide it in hotel room. Every single time me & my mom would travel just to relax, not to explore or something. We would visit something that you can take a walk or go with a bus, but everything we visit would be near to hotels, without guides or something. But right now, I found myself day dreaming about trips to Asia and be there for 2 weeks and visit as much places as possible with guide. I just really want to explore, see the world…See a little bit different world that I’m used to.

But maybe I’m in the constant ”vocation” mode because of my exams and this cold weather. Or I’m just too bored and exhausted to be in the same environment every single day.

For now, the idea of having proper vocation, visit place that I had never been before seems so tempting. I don’t know, maybe I have this mindset, because I imagine that if I would be in other country, I would ”run” away from my life, stress and everything. Seems, like when you are on vocation you can free yourself because you don’t live there, and everything is new for you, for your eyes and you can be free and inspired by everything. Right now I just want to explore and see the world. I’m wishing that this will come true. x





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