1. Nivea gentle cleansing wipes (25 wipes)
  2. Garnier fresh eye makeup remover
  3. Biotherm “Biosourse total renew oil” – 30€
  4. Clarisonic Mia 2 – 150€
  5. Garnier 2in1 pure active
  6. Garnier micellar cleansing water – 7,49 €
  7. Origins high potency night a mins cream oil free – 45,95€ (50ml.)
  8. Body shop aloe eye defence – 18,50 € (15ml.)
  9. Mavala switzerland double lash – 19,49€ (10ml.)
  10. EOS lip balm -6,99€
  11. H&M masks – 2,99€

I never imagined that my skin care routine would change within the month in kinda drastically ways. Where I live, coldest period is the January/ beginning of February. Well, when I was living by the seaside we did not get that coldness, but now when I moved and had to live and experience my first ever coldness period in the city that is about 300 km. far away from seaside, I have to write, that this was kinda an experience for my skin.

I’m that person that loves makeup and could spent a big amount of money just on foundations and stuff, but I’m in the love and hate relationship when everything turns to skincare. The only thing that I could spend a little bit more money on is the moisturizer. Everything else does not appear to me as a lot of money requiring items. If I would have a lot of money, I would probably let myself to buy f*cking expensive skin care products, but right now, what is left from the skin care products that I ”saved” by buying drug store ones I’m spending on makeup or something else. And being honest, sometimes I hate putting my time for my night time skincare routine. Sometimes, I feel like I have more important stuff to do, for example studying or something else, and these few minutes that I spent on skincare seems like is just making my productive time gone by. But I do this every night, even when I do not feel like it. I just have to do it no matter what circumstances is around my life.

Well, after Christmas I have an opportunity to splurge some money of beauty/ skin care items that I wanted/needed. One of the ”resolutions” that I made this year is to plan my purchases. I’m the person who could easily loose control in the shops and splurge too much money on everything. Sometimes I just can’t control myself. After these ”splurging” times I’m left with the items that I don’t need and stuff. So, this year I want to control and make myself to plan this aspect of my life. At the end of 2016 I made a list of the items that I would want to have, but also that is something that I really need. When, I have spare time I like to read/ see new beauty products and stuff, so now, when I think I need something I’m reading reviews and basically everything that could be found about the product. As I mentioned before, when I had the opportunity to buy everything I wanted, I only bought items that I really need. And I like to plan things for the future. So, I bought this Biotherm  cleansing gel having in mind that I would use this when I would finish my old one, but when January came my skin become terrible and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to keep my old routine till I finish the products, but it was not helping with my skin. I was force to forget my ”use everything till the end” and make a new plan. It was not a pleasant experience, because I was having session, it was super cold + anxiety within my every step and my skin was terrible. I thought that I had a bad skin days, if those exists, but this period was a whole other level. It was making me even more anxious to look at the mirror and see my skin or even touch it. It was horrible. Felt like my whole skin is dying or something. My full face was just a giant dry patch. I even have some bleeding on my forehead for a week just because of dryness and nothing was working. So I started to use this biotherm cleansing gel and missed my Clarisonic for some time. I was not wearing makeup, if I was going to an exam that I would be made fun of for not having some makeup on, I was putting only bb cream to make my skin color to look like ”healthy” skin, but other than that, 90% of January my skin was makeup free. So, my skin care routine contained by only few products: cleansing gel, micellar water, super hydrating masks, moisturizer and a treatment for my lashes. I even had some days that I would put mask every single day. After buying many super moisturizing masks I saw that the ones from H&M works the best. And this was what I’ve been doing for two weeks or so and it really helped.

This biotherm cleansing gel is really refreshing and great to take even a little more heavier makeup off. When, my skin dryness was over, my hormones marked my face. As always..When I having these hormones provided breakouts  the only thing that helps for my skin to become a little more cleaner and stuff is by using clarisonic. I can’t use this every day, because it could make my skin dry again, but when I’m having a little bit more than bb cream on my face I have to use clarisonic. It happens  2 or 3 times per week. Because, my older cleansing gel that I used to use with my clarisonic was too harsh for my skin, but I still needed stronger cleaning effect I decided to give a kinda cheap, drugstore product a try. This garnier cleanser really cleans my skin, but also do not lead it to the dryness. Maybe, when the coldest weather will be behind me, I would start using this everyday, with my clarisonic if needed.

If I’m wearing more heavy makeup my routine would look like this: garnier eye makeup remover, nivea wipes, biotherm, clarisonic +garnier gel 2in1, micellar water, mask?,origins moisturizer, under eye cream, mavala lash treatment and lip balm. I probably don’t need to use cleansing wipes, because I’m also cleaning my face with cleansing gel, but when I’m back from my lectures I only clean my face and eyes and then I’m having a nap, because I can not be bothered to do more. And then, in the evening I’m doing this full routine.

And also, I saw huge difference that this Mavala lash treatment did to me. I don’t have falling lashes every day and my lover lashes has grown so much. Now, I just can’t imagine my life without this product, it just everything for my lashes.




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