Every single day leave us with something. it sounds so bazaar and stupid when you think about every single day as a new opportunity ( as many quotes on the internet say), but every single day is experience of something. Sometimes it can be just an experience of having sadness or other mental stuff, but some days have action and things happen that we don’t even recognize or put attention to. In my eyes, people starts “realizing” things at the end of the year, but other than that, they are just living days as they always do. Like little robots, without thinking, reflecting or feeling happiness after doing something. Majority of us forgets to take a moment to appreciate everything that had happened. I don’t want to reflect everything that had happened to me in the end of the year, because many of the things will be forgotten, but I can remember way more of every single month if I would start to “realize” things in the end of the month. In this case, I would probably get chance to see what I achieved, what experiences I had in my life directly that month. When I think about everything, many things I just forget, but now I just want to cheer every single thing even good or bad that has happened in my life:

  1. Had a shopping spree in Kristiansund.
  2. Had the best hamburgers ever in Kristiansund twice.
  3. Finally bought a beauty blender.
  4. Bought 3 pairs of shoes: adidas “super star”, Steve Madden “Korrie” and River island boots.
  5. Was crying a lot.
  6. Only had my makeup on, when I had to go to university, but other than that my skin was makeup-free this month.
  7. Reached 17 followers on this page.
  8. Was sick for 3 times at least.
  9. Had sushi once.
  10. Deleted 60+ pictures from my Instagram.
  11. One of my boards on Pinterest reached 1k pins.
  12. Was dreaming about vocation every single day…
  13. Exited that my mom finally started to go to language courses.
  14. Finally, had time to catch with new series of ”Modern family”.
  15. My face had many masks on this month. Pampering my skin 24/7 in January.
  16. Went to sleep early.
  17. Already started to plan my birthday.
  18. Missed my guinea pigs.
  19. Bought my first ever designer shoes. Steve Madden “KORRIE”.
  20. Bought so much makeup for myself as a late Christmas present.
  21. Spoke to my cousin. Finally!
  22. Spent so much money on food.
  23. Had my first ever offer to collaborate.
  24. Had several panic attacks too.
  25. Was anxious for a whole month.
  26. Was healthy for some time.
  27. Went to the self-service laundry twice.
  28. Went to the self-service laundry for the 1st time ever.
  29. Had 2 flights.
  30. Had my first ever exam month in university. Session time – kinda done.
  31. Read 2 books.
  32. Had insomnia.

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