23rd of January
1-3 picture

Felt kinda down. I even cried, because I failed one of my exams, and I don’t know how I need to pass this. It’s impossible. Even thinking about this exam, studying for this, makes me sick. Well, I had to visit biggest shopping center in the city, because I needed to buy something for my parents. Also, had a stroll around the clothing shops and realized that if I would want to “renew” my wardrobe for spring I need +200 euros. I was back home kinda early and when I finally convinced myself to clean my apartment the electricity was gone. So I had even to fix that problem… I felt really down all day and the anxiety because of my failed exam was killing me. and of course, typical me, did not studied. i just couldn’t. Seemed like every single time even from thinking about this subject I would vomit. Seriously, I just hate this. So, after cleaning I took some pictures of what i have in my beauty drawers, with a thoughts that it would be interesting to see this pictures after some time. After my beauty products photo shoots I decided to move on to my motivational board. So what I did for 2 hours, was writing my all time favorite quotes. Maybe when I need that this paper full of meaning full quotes for me, will help in some way, but honestly, I don’t think that it can happened. This paper would only do “art” function, because I found that quotes do not help me, it’s just something that I like to read and remember when I was to say something to other. but for me personally that do not work as motivation and stuff. also, I finally put pictures of trondheim on my wall. My vision is to have a full wall of pictures, places I visited.

24 January
4-8 pictures

Travel day. Had my second flight of the month . Sadly, but I only had 2 hours of free time and was too tired to have a stroll in duty free. Well, I did not have a lot of money, but at least I just can have a look on what’s new. It was the first time ever that I’m eating at airport. I always have this huge anxiety and to eat something is mission impossible when I have connected flights. But this time I was super tired for some reason, maybe it was because in the morning I was in the gym, to fix some things and have a little workout. I believe that my workout only lasted about 40 min but better this than nothing. In the 4th picture you can see how amazing these lights looks in my gym area. So fancy looking. So going back to the food theme, I was looking forward to buy pizza or something n but places like these were too crowded so I said yes to my cravings and had chocolate croissant and muffin. Life is better with food. The main picture is taken in Oslo, Gardemon, right after my first flight. It looked so wintery and beautiful.

After my second and the last flight of the day I finally reached my destination. Because my mom had crazy week at work my dad had to pick me up from the airport. I was a little bit nervous, because he’s always late for everything and I thought that I would have to spent about half an hour in airport, because he will not come to pick me up at the right time, but everything went great and he was waiting for me. I had a best burger in the world afterwards. My mom and dad was always talking about the burger place that they love, but when I would be visiting them, this place would be closed, but this time, finally I had an opportunity to give this a try. And this was amazing! Wish we could have this here too, or maybe something like this in McDonald’s. Seriously, every single bite was amazing. Even by writing this I’m dreaming about this chicken burger.

And finally after two ferries I reached my second home! We had a chat, desert and I tried on the shoes that was waiting for me. My parents kindly bought me these two pairs of shoes, Steve Madden “Korrie” and boots from River Island. I was scared if they would be small or something but they fit good, but how comfortable they are I could only see after wearing them for some time, because right now, I’m living in my winter boots, when it is so cold outside.

It was a long day. That’s all I can say.

The last days of January
9 picture

I had a real vocation there. I took so many notes and everything with me, because I still have some exams left, but I just can’t get myself to read something. I was on vacation mode 24/7. Of course, right now I see how stupid I’m and that as always, I left everything for the last minute, but I really needed a break.

For the first time ever I was left alone in my parents house. Because I did not have any special plans I decided to bake a banana bread. I only have tried to do this once a long time ago, but everything went great.

Vocation is over, January is over. It’s time to go back to reality.



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