7:00 am

Wake up. But thanks to my lovely neighbor that woke me up at 6am and was super loud for the whole hour! Sometimes I just hate living in the city, apartment and stuff, because your neighbors can be really annoying. So, of course I pressed snoozed for a few times and started my morning right before 8 am. Of course, as always I’m some kind of time optimist and after realizing that I don’t have enough time I was running around. I did not even have enough time for breakfast or even a cup of tea. I had to leave my building at 8:30am to get to the bus stop at the right time, because I had a organic chemistry lecture at chemistry faculty.


Reached my destination and was looking for a class for quite some time. New semester feels like the begging of the uni year. Fresh start but with some disasters in it, because I failed two exams in my last semester so this week I have some exams left. And of course as always I was really stupid and immature and left everything for the last moment. 90% that I will be crying this night because of stress or from having panic attacks that I don’t have enough time to study. Fingers crossed I will pass my exams because I don’t want to pay for these subjects and repeat the course next year ;(

10 am

Lecture finally started and this class was one of the most boring classes I’ve been to. I was looking at the o’clock constantly and was waiting for every minute to pass. Seemed like this lecture was not going to end. And what I can say, that this chemistry class will be super hard. Everything in that class seemed too difficult to learn or even understand. Organic chemistry, I hate you.

11.30 am

First break after this boringness. This makes me to miss my old chemistry lecture that was so amazing.

12.30 pm

Finally, lecture is done, time to go home! It’s super cold today and as the news says is the coldest day we have this winter season. Felt like I was going to cry when I was on my way to faculty and then, home, because wind was so strong and seemed like my skin was taking of my body. Peeling or something. Plus, before I went to the bus stop and stopped to the grocery shop that was on my way. It was my first time there and the cashier was one of the most disrespectful human I’ve ever been to. She made me so angry! Seriously, I think it was the first time for me that I was serviced by such a horrible cashier. She was dropping my items on purpose and super rude and disrespectful. I wanted to ask where is her boss, but of course as always I was nice and polite even to her and left. I don’t know if I will go ever stop to this shop ever again because this cashier does not left me a good memories.


Back at my apartment. Had a ‘panini’ for lunch that I bought and was super angry because something is wrong with my pan because it can not be preheated and stuff like others. Day is not going in positive way or something.

3 pm

Nap time!

4 pm

Waking up and study time ;( Didn’t know how much time I really slept, once again biggest thanks to my “lovely” neighbor that doesn’t know how you need to close your door. Seriously, I’m shocked that her door does not fallen out or why her walls is still there, because she is a monster in this building…

4:45 pm

After a cup of coffee with a honey cake I finally get some time to study. Though, I did not want to. This weekend I tried a new technique so I set an timer for 45min and study then have 10-15min break. In the day time when I have break I usually spent these minutes on my phone or watching a tv show, youtube video and on the evening I listen to some music and walk around. Invertebrates, citology here we go.

01 am

Sleep time! I don’t know why, but this day was really hard for me to have motivation and study. I had a few breaks that was way longer that 10 or 15 min. but I don’t know. Evening was just lack of motivation.



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