bjkbhv1. Moroccan Oil ”Moisture repair”  shampoo – 30€

2. Moroccan Oil ”Moisture repair” balsam – 28 €

3. Moroccan Oil – 40€

4. Curl cream by H&M – 6,99 €

My mom was a hairstylist so from my young days I know that I need to take a good care of my hair. My mom was always the one that was concern about my hair care, especially when I was a moody teenager and didn’t give a single thought about my appearance. I was bored to wash my head and would do some braids or something and would not enjoy to have my hair loose. It just was not comfortable for me. Also, we have a gene in my family that our hair can get super long is short period of time. Even my dad, had long hair and bangs when he was young. So, me and my cousins from dads side would have this silent competition who has longer hair. For a long period of time I was the winner and I was first in my family that have a super drastic haircut. At that time, my mom was the one that was obsessed with my hair, I really did not cared. My mom braided my hair till she left me, that means from when I was 12 I have to take full care of myself. And let me expose that having super long hair (by meaning super long I have in mind that is only few cm needed for your hair to reach your knees)  is a disaster. Starting from washing it and ending with styling= disaster. I had the longest hair even in my school ( from all +900 student) and long, healthy hair was my label. No one knew my name or other details about me, but they did now my hair. “The girl that has longest hair”. Well, that changed my opinion about this feature. I felt connected with this, because it was the only thing that everyone would compliment me about. So, after getting attention for my hair I become supper protective of it. Before, my mom was the one that decided when I needed a cut and everything and I didn’t care. Seriously, back then you could cut all my hair and I would not care, but after getting attention in new school I become a little bit different in that way. I was almost in tears when I needed to get a haircut and I was super upset if hairdresser have done something slightly different. Plus, every single time, if I had the opportunity to visit hairstylist they would tell me to go to the hair competitions and stuff. And every single time when I would sit in their chair other hairstylist would come up to ask me if they can touch my hair and stuff. Young star moments. But, when my mom left and I needed to take care of everything and hair care did not took huge part in my newer lifestyle. With time I become more into makeup than the ones that loves everything related with hair care, styling. But it’s really important to put myself ”together” and try to make my hair to look as good and healthy as possible. It’s just a routine that I have to do. But after some time, when I did not have this connection with my hair that I used to, I decided to make them way more shorter than ever. I remember the day after my drastical haircut my school was in shock. ”Like how could she do this and stuff.”After this, like a new tradition came in my life. I tent to cut my hair in spring and last spring I took the biggest risk I ever had and cut my hair super short. By meaning super short that is by having hair till my shoulders and for the last two years I tend to have a color makeover, but both times it was disaster. After the last one, I even had to save some money to go to the hairstylist and fix it. But coming back to my hair care routine, at the moment I have this ”session” that is not hard at all and does not take a lot of time.

So, what I always use is the Moroccan oil, I think it’s now about 3 years or something that this product takes part in my routine. This is just such an amazing product! Especially if you have a hair ends that temps to split or just unhealthy looking. Seriously, this serum is a savior. On the other hand, I had never used before Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner, but after loving this oil for such a long time I decided to give it a try. Honestly, this shampoo and conditioner is kinda, expensive in my eyes, and I really don’t know if they are doing the function I wanted them to do. Like, my hair feels nice and stuff, but I don’t know, I think I had something better than this for a lower price. And also, what surprised me was that this shampoo is so thick and could be kinda hard to wash. But other than that, I could not hate these or something, but really I just don’t have an direct opinion about them. Because my hair is kinda weird I sometimes need to have something to help me to stick them together. I found this H&M cream and it really helps me with my not needed curls, when I want to make a sleek ponytail or something. And of course, as many people would say, products is not everything, because we need to treat our bodies right, be healthy and that will spread through us, but you know, sometimes I just can’t say no to a chocolate cake.



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