It has been 6 months now that I’m living in the city. For all my life I was living in village, the nearest town, grocery store was about 10km away and 20km away was the 3rd biggest city in my country. So, I think I can not be count as someone that lived in the village “part of the world” because everything was kinda near me, but it has been the first 6 months that I live in an apartment not in the house, I live on my own by not having my family around and of course I live in the city, in the capital. Writing about the people that lives in the village I really believe that right now, when we live in these modern times the villagers can be even more modern than the ones in the city. As long as I can remember there was an opinion in my family that was required by not being free as a country that people living in the city shows everyone “class” and they shows us, the province, everything. When country was not free, villagers was seen as biggest province. So everything, starting from food, manners ending by fashion, lifestyle was showed by townspeople. Maybe this understanding that my grandparents has is suitable for old fashioned people that lived and see way more than I can even imagine, but I have to disagree with them and write that nowadays, no matter where you live, people are equal in every way. Back in the days the villagers was seen as dirty, not smart, dedicated to they’re farms and stuff. The ones that lived in village were seen like someone who has the strongest connection with the traditions. Well, everything is clear because my country is just one big village. We came from village and there is nothing that we could change. Well, now history is behind us and my opinion that was in my head from my grandparents stories is gone. Now, I live in the capital city, 12km away from the historical old town and all adjusting thing to the new place was kinda easy for me. It was a huge difference in my life, but I don’t see this as a huge challenge that I had to accept. I had way more challenging times. Well, in my eyes there is way more pluses to the city:
1. You don’t need to care about your house care as much.
2. I don’t need to plan my grocery shopping trips. It just takes me 5min by walking to reach nearest shop.
3. I only have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes for busses when in the village I needed to wait for more than 1 hour for one bus.
4. Everything is taken care by others I just need to pay my bills and that’s all. Water, electricity, litter..
5. You can do way more activities. Gym is near, pilates classes and stuff, everything is near.
6. Many restaurants. Sushi, mexican, indian…. you have that in the city.
7. Concerts, exhibitions..
8. You meet people all around the world!
9. Nobody knows you. You are just a tiny part of mass.
10. Medical care is near.

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