1st picture – Thursday morning

On Wednesday I had my last exam and on Thursday country celebrated 99th birthday, birthday that means that for 99 years people lives in this territory free. And this semester I’m really lucky with my lecture timetable, because every Friday is free. So I have total 4 days at university that is always a good thing. I was having these mixed feelings about my comeback, because my relatives is not happy by seeing me back at my home, I’m rejected in some weird way. So, I was angry on myself that why I bought my train tickets spontaneously, because I will feel more depressed by being there and this is not what I need after these 2 stressful and depressing weeks. But I haven’t been at my own house for 3 months so looking into other prospective it was about the right time for me to comeback.

2-5 pictures – Friday

When I got back home my moms car wasn’t working after 3 months being undisturbed, but after ”charging the batteries” I can hit the road! I was kinda stressed about driving, because it was 3 months that I have not driven and with my driving experience these three months seems like three years. But when I started driving my fear was gone and everything seem fine. I visited my grandmothers grave. After this I drove and had a chat with my lovely godmother. I really appreciate her now, she is so strong and inspiring. I can not imagine how I could have another godmother in my life. And I can’t understand how could I hate her in my early teens, because she gave me so much and her love and compassion is everything our family could wish for. Such a strong and empowering women. When I was talking with her I also felt ”all the feels”. My cousin is getting married, his sister is not showing up at his wedding, my godfather will not have surgery, because it’s too dangerous..I heard so much and felt like my brain and all my feelings was all over the place.

After I comeback home after visiting my godmother I had another ”meeting”. Meeting that I was dreaming about for such a long time, but never thought that this would happen. I met my best friend, the same who lived with me, then dropped everything and left me. We talked, ate home made hamburger, had a coffee, see light festival. Into account, had the best time. Once again, on the same day, having my second ”meetup” of the day I felt all the feels. And this evening was kinda sentimental. It showed me how much I’ve changed. And I don’t know if these changes are good.

6th picture – Gianni Versace

When I was coming back home on Thursday with me I only took one book that was called ” Life of Versace”. I had read like 30 pages of this book and everything else I finished on the train. I loved this book. I loved how the Gianni Versace was showed in this book. And seriously, I just can’t stop thinking about him. I’m really interested to see and hear more about his life, his empire. Also, my obsession had taken a whole new level, because when I had free time I would to a research about his collections and stuff. I wanted to know everything. All I can write now, is that his designs is true piece of art. Such a perfect and inspiring piece of art.

7th picture – McDonald’s

 On Saturday I did not have any special plans and stuff. I visited local grocery shop that and picked two books – H. Murakami “The wind up bird chronicle” and L.Tolstoj “Wisdom calendar”. I really have to go to the book store or something, but I was too tired to wake up early to go to the city so I just went to the grocery store near by and picked these two books. I couldn’t find anything to read at home so I bought these two, because I need something to read when I have longer than 4 hours train journey. Book is amazing thing to kill time when you are stuck in the train. After this, I wrote the same friend that we had a meetup on Friday if she wanted me to join on my ”McDonald’s mission” she lied, as always, so I had to complete my mission alone. Her lies have really short ”legs”, but when she is going to realize that?? Probably, never. So, I did what I always do when I come home and have a McDonald’s. Not a healthy tradition, but…

8th picture – Sunday – train journey

Had almost 5 hour train journey. Read 120 pages of Haruki Murakami book “The wind up bird chronicle”. Seriously, I have mixed feelings about this author. The first book that I’ve read written by him was “The wind up bird chronicle”. Seriously, I have mixed feelings about this author. The first book that I’ve read written by him was ”The elephant vanishes” and honestly I hated that book. After reading this one I have not understand how can someone praise his work so high because it was meaningless in my eyes. And I was kinda angry that I’ve payed 12 euros or something and this book is trash. But then, after some time, I still felt really temped by his work. So, I bought his famous novel ”Norwegian wood”. I think I read this novel in 2 days or something. I loved it. And was kinda shocked how could I hate one book so much and love another when both of them is written by the same person. So when I was strolling around my grocery store and when I found novel “The wind up bird chronicle” I was really looking into this book, because I wanted to see what can I expect from this and what type of the novel this is. I was really tempted by this one and now, when I’m in the middle of this novel, I have to say that this is masterpiece. I love it.

9th picture – Monday – coffee 

After 4 free days university life started once again. And once again, we will have no resting or free time, because next Monday we have an exam. Invertebrates, once again. It was really hard Monday so I had some coffee to wake me up and to keep me ”going”. I just need vocation. Please, July, come sooner.



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