The second month of this ”new year” is almost gone and surprisingly I stayed a little bit honest to myself and tried to ”celebrate” all small achievements. This is my ,,miniature” and weird victories that I managed to achieve:

  1. Read 3 books.
  2. Had one flight.
  3. Made 2 new Pinterest boards.
  4. Visited my ”home”.
  5. Remembered how to drive.
  6. Had a nicest Friday evening with my friend.
  7. Had a mental break down for a whole day.
  8. Cried my eyes out 4 times in one day.
  9. Got sore throat.
  10. Watched ”Haters back off” season 1.
  11. Started watching ”Westworld”.
  12. Changed my skincare routine.
  13. Spent 60 euros in drugstore. Bought shampoos, skincare…
  14. Was not cooking much.
  15. Was not going to sleep early.
  16. Started to chat a little bit with a few course ”mates”.
  17. Reached 19 followers on this page.
  18. My skin was so bad. Breakouts, dry spots…
  19. Obsessed with Gianni Versace.
  20. Heard the news about the wedding.
  21. Found and amazing nail salon. Can’t wait to finally get my nails ”done”.
  22. Was studying a lot.
  23. Failed one exam.
  24. Went to the self-service laundry once.
  25. Did not go to the gym even once.#shameonme
  26. Felt in love with my new Maybelline foundation.
  27. Was super lazy.
  28. Was unmotivated.
  29. Felt depressed.
  30. Felt ”all the feels” in one day.
  31. Was in McDonald’s drive thru.
  32. Went crazy for shopping face masks and not using them..
  33. Bought my birthday presents for myself already.
  34. Bought 5 books this month: H.Murakami ”Wind up bird chronicle”, L.Tolstoj ”Wisdom Calendar”, M. Wiking ”Hygge book”, D. Johnson and L.Tyler ”Modern manners” and E. Galgataviciute ”Eating without guilt”.
  35. Spent about 100 euros in one day. February 26th- one of the saddest days for my credit card.
  36. Had sushi once.
  37. Had a coffee every single Monday at uni.
  38. Bought a lot of healthy foods, now it’s time to learn how to make all this healthy stuff edible.



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