I’m one of those people that desperately are waiting for spring. I never realized how much I love spring/ early autumn till last year. I used to live in a house, with a lot of territory around and because I was a teenager, without drivers license, with school exams and everything, no matter what season I would spent it at home. My life was really boring. Main reason behind this is probably that I’m really lazy and back in the days I could watch some weird TV series non stop 24/7. And I was a little nerd. Not all the times, but I would spent a majority of my time by the books. Now, that I moved from this place, live in capital city I realized how much seasons mean to me. In this country we have 4 seasons: rainy autumn, super cold winter, kinda hot summer and sunny, warm spring. And spring has always been the most memorable season of them all. No matter where I live and how old I would get I think this warm season will always be a highlight of the year.

  • This is always a season time when my parents come home to ”celebrate” my birthday. This year, even though I moved they are doing the same thing. It’s always something special just about the waiting for someone you love so much to comeback, in this case is my family that is my everything.
  • March is the month that seems everyone from my family celebrates their birthdays. My dad, my cousin, me, 2 of my uncle, my aunt. Crazy month full of birthdays.
  • Nature is alive again! I really miss the sun, green grass and all this kind of stuff during winter.
  • Saying goodbye to all these warm, big winter clothes. They are really cozy, but honestly, sometimes they are really annoying thing to wear.
  • It gets dark later at the evening.
  • There is a tiny possibility of me getting sick.
  • You can actually walk outside without being scared to slip on the ice.
  • You don’t need to carry with you everywhere.
  • Feel motivated to take care of my body, myself and workout, because you can already feel the summer.
  • It’s easier to wake up in the morning because it’s not super dark outside and sun rises early.



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