Saturday, 4th of March 

1 row – 1-3 pictures – Kazimieras fair

Woke up early, had a porridge with coconut milk that I tried for the first time, and honestly I’m not a fan of it. I don’t know why, but I don’t like soy made milk, but still trying to like this. I can use this in my porridge and stuff, but drink without nothing else is mission impossible for me. After breakfast I head to the old town for Kazimieras fair. I remember when I was a little girl me and m family drive there for 4 hours, just for this. How much has changed, like now, I just can take a bus or just walk there. I got there pretty early and there were so many people already. I had a stroll around, was not planning to buy a lot of stuff. Also, it was super cold but I managed to visit everything. My parents were pretty jealous and they called me several times. I think the last time we went there was 7 years ago or something so it was interesting for them to hear what is going on there. Parts of this fair were really crowded, but I still managed to buy something. Also, everything was super expensive there and I did not needed anything other than our traditional ”verba”. I bought one for my grandmother, my parents, myself and for my godmother.

2nd & 3rd  row – 4-7 pictures – bits from the fair & food

My mom called before I left this fair and she told me to buy some food for there because it such a good chance and etc. Also, near to this fair my sushi restaurant was open so I decided to buy dinner for myself because I was too tired to cook something. Crowded places makes me feel super  tired, exhausted. I bought way more things that I had planned: candle, coin for my dad, honey, quinces, bread, meat, magnet to put on my fridge. At the end, it was really hard to carry everything to my apartment. After I came back, I decided to try what I had bought. Taste test. I never thought that I would throw this village style party for myself, but I did and it was really great. Had traditional snacks/food that was absolutely amazing. And then for dinner I finally had my sushi. I really starting to like the ones with caviar. So, not like me. At the evening I decided to forget my invertebrates exam and enjoyed book with mint tea. Finished this book and it was not really great one.

3rd row – 8-9 pictures – Sunday – 5th of March

Went to the gym, had kinda short, workout and then went home to study and relax a little bit. I started reading this new book about hygge and I really enjoying it. Maybe it’s because my parents live in Norway that has many similarities with Denmark and sometimes I can rely on this book, lifestyle. Plus, this book is so inspiring, like I want to change my lifestyle and live like a danish people do.

And that’s my boring Sunday- preparing for exam, relaxing a little bit and preparing for a new week..



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