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  1. “Neutrogena” Blackhead eliminating daily scrub/ cleanser – 6,66 €
  2. ”Garnier” micellar cleansing water – 7,49 €
  3. ”Lumene” Artic aqua 24hours deep moisture face cream – 9,99 €

I’m not a morning person at all. I would rather spent 5 more minutes in bed then doing skincare or making breakfast.. Mornings is the worst time in a day for me. But now, my lectures starts at 9 am so I have some time for sleep, breakfast and skincare. Having a bb cream, simple makeup is my everything, but taking care of my skin in the morning never was a case. I don’t know, I always saw this just as a time consuming thing and who enjoys that?! Well, the spring is actually here and sun rises early and I don’t wake up in the darkness as it was in the winter. I think this ”factor” is the major one, because when you see that outside is not pitch dark, you can hear birds and stuff, you just feel more awake. At least I feel that way. I don’t press ”snooze” for so long and actually have some time for myself in the morning.

My skin is oily-combination, but during super cold winter here, my skin was devastated. I had dry spots, that even bleed and stuff, not good at all. Everything kinda showed me that my skincare have to change, because everything I used to do before was not working. So from early February I included in my life a morning skincare ”routine”. I never had one, the only thing that I would use back in the day, was Elizabeth Arden 8 hour miracle oil and that’s all + Garnier micellar water.

But, everything with me was really wrong/bad after having more than a month full of exams. I can not even explain how terrible everything was. My body was super exhausted and seemed like my skin was dead. I felt even more horrible and worse having this situation to handle. Nothing was working for my that I used to use, so I had to change things up. Buy new products and make myself a new routines.

I went to the beauty shop and spent 60 €, so I think this amount tells everything that I was dedicated enough. I only knew that I will buy Lumene moisturizers, because I saw article about them in one of the main newspapers and decided to give them a try, but other than that I picked everything up while I was in a store.

This time I decided not to spent a lot of money on a skincare, because I had no idea how my skin will be after this kinda intense period. All drugstore this time.

Because I’m lazy, my morning skincare routine is really easy and short. I was my face with Neutrogena ”Blackhead eliminating daily scrub/cleanser” also I use this product as a face masks 2-3 times per week. It really do it’s job, great product and good price point. After this I ”refresh” my skin with my beloved Garnier ”Micellar water” and after this I put Lumene ”  Artic aqua 24hours deep moisturizer”. The biggest difference for me is that Lumene moisturizers are really light and liquid. The “Origins” ones that I used to use were really thick and these are so light and stuff.

My skin is better now, but I don’t know was did this, because now I’m taking many supplements so maybe they ”fixed” my skin? Also, I saw that not touching my face makes my skin way better, but it’s so hard to not touch it, especially when I’m having ”pamper” time…



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