I’m one year older now and I’m not even upset about it. I’m one of those people who are realising things and reflecting on their year, life on their birthday. With years, especially when you are young, you’ve go through so many changes in everything. Your opinion changes mostly on everything. You see the same things differently. And now I see the birthdays even more differently than I could ever imagined.

I remember when I was a child I would go to sleep super early for the last few weeks before my birthday + I would take many naps threw out the day. I believed that by sleeping my birthday would come earlier. Birthday and Christmas was my two favourite days in the year. I was playing this “waiting game” for quite a long time, but when the teenager days come and I wanted to act like I didn’t care about my birthday when in reality I was the same impatient kid but with a teenager mask on. After the teenager faze I had a little bit strange opinion about birthdays and even then I  was waiting for this day to come. So good things and associations I was saving and dreaming for this day. So many feels, expectations..When I was living at home, my birthday meant that my parents would be back and I would have short vocation from adult life.

I would always wait for this day and I would strangely feel it coming. On March my best friend and dad celebrates their birthday so after their birthdays I always feel like I’m ready to celebrate my own. But this year I’m not at home and I did not celebrated my dads or friends birthday. I was busy on scheduling my exam studying routine, actually doing it, working out and stuff and I did not felt like my birthday was coming at all. I was really lost in the days and stuff. Seems, like I was living in the bubble outside of the world. The bubble that only had my own regime.

Well, wanted,waited I or didn’t the day  come. And it felt really strange.

I can make a conclusion, that dreams will come true in the most unexpected time, moments. Even the most selfish and weirdest ones.




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