I sometimes feel like I’m the biggest pessimist in the world. It’s so easy to see the bad in everything and not cherish a good aspects. I’m very anxious person so the times come when I feel like everything in this world against me and I can’t even see or feel beauty in anything. At that moment this is just not existing to me. Probably, the anxiety in me shuts the door for everything else and just blocks my mind.

I’m trying to change my “relationship with anxiety, so maybe this little list will help me to remember all these wonderful things that I can be grateful for:

  1. Weekends at home with my parents.
  2. My family is healthy and happy.
  3. My guinea pigs are back!
  4. Warmer weather.
  5. I’m healthy.
  6. Birthday presents, especially my new computer.
  7. Chocolate.
  8. Family support.
  9. Some alone time.
  10. Passing my last 2 exams. 💪🏻



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