I think one of the hardest weeks of April is officially over. So much was going on that week, at university and life in general. Now writing about my past week, I have to write that how much have happened. Without me planning anything.

Monday was kinda boring day for me. I was really lazy in the morning so decided to have a little break and did not go to the first lecture. But then I had a laboratory of invertebrates and english lecture. These were kinda boring, but what else could you do at university? Also, felt kinda anxious that day for no reason, as always.

On Tuesday I had to wake up kinda early to go to the organic chemistry lecture. I only went once to this lecture, because it’s no point for me. Professor reads from the slides that she sends to us. She does not add any additional information in the lectures so why I have to wake up early, sit in the bus for 40min, and then sit in a class for 3 hours to listen to the same thing that is in our email. But, this week was exception, thanks to my lovely laboratory work partner. Seriously, I can’t remember the day when I used to dislike someone so much. The week before, when we were doing our lab, I accidentally learned other laboratory work theory and did not prepared for the right one, so my lovely partner practically was not my partner that day. When we were doing the reactions she would not let me to write anything, like we have to do another one and stuff, and she did not asked the professors for information she told for me to go. So, stupid me, was giving constant questions to professors, questions that my partner asked me to asked them. She is to ”diva” mode to asked them. She thinks that by asking some questions you just show how dump you are so there I go. ”Our” laboratory work looked like this : go to ask this..!; me=running to ask the question; I come back with the answer; go answer this again; go ask to do that…This is how laboratory worked looked like and she just ”stood” there working…I don’t know why I was running around and did what she told me, maybe that’s because I was really anxious and lost that morning, I really don’t know. After finishing all reactions we had to present our test-tubes for one of the meanest professors ever. I thought that maybe now, my partner will be really nice and would do the majority of this work. Well, I wish. Once again I had to do everything, and one time I named tubed wrongly and my partner was kinda shouting at me in from of the professors eyes like ”noooo you are wrong” when our professor told that to me. I think it’s obvious now, about my feeling to this women. On top of that, after naming test-tubes we had to make analysis of that in our notebooks. My partner had everything written down in hers, because she had made the same work at her school so she had everything, notes, answers, everything. Because, we finished it really early we wanted to be done with all of that early too, so she let me to look at her notebook for some time, but when I asked for what word is that she screamed at me like I don’t know what I have done. Seriously, I felt scared at that time. ”How could you write this from my notebook? How dare you? What are you thinking?!….” After screaming at me, she took her precious notebook with her and went away from me, because you know, I’m evil now. She come back after some time with the same judging face and was giving me lessons on my behaviour. Seriously, it felt like I had that annoying mom, sibling or someone that would judge me, and would talk sh*t about my everything. Like hello, do I really need to hear that from you giiirl?! At that point I was really not giving a f*ck. I was writing the answers, analysis on my own and did not cared about anything. All I wanted at that moment was for this just to be finished. At the examination place, the professor took my ”partners” notebook and did not even looked at mines. She asked several questions and then it was over and I got 10/10. And my ”partner” was going nuts.”I gave you this mark; you did not deserved it; I did everything today and blah blah blah.” Like, seriously at that moment I did not cared about the mark at all, she could give me 5 or something and I would not feel any more special about it. It’s just a mark. I answered the questions that I was asked, professor did not take my notebook, and how I can be super lucky one now? Well, I do not understand my ”partner” at all. Seems, like everyone from our group, course does not like her. She does not have any friends or even someone to talk about. After this work, we had practise and for the first time I was not ready for this one. Tasks is not mandatory, you do them if you want. When I came into practise class I had only one wish- please can my ”partner” not sit with me. Guess what, she came into class and sits with me… Can this day get more ruined by this person? I don’t think so. On that day, I can’t remember when, probably when she was giving me the speeches about my behaviour and everything, she said like, why have you come to the lectures, I have not seen you, it’s really bad and I lied to her. I told her that I go to the lectures when I can, but there is her problem that she can’t see me. So on Tuesday I had to prove her wrong and have to go to the lecture. As I thought lecture was really boring so I was reading a book about knowing the people in general. After this lecture I went to the old town to get sushi and they were just amazing. The best sushi place in the whole country. After that, in the evening, when I was procrastinating studying for my invertebrates exam, my course mate, that nowadays I really have started to communicate with, started texting me. We were texting and stuff and she asked me what kind of book I was reading back in the lecture and I lied to her. Seems, like I’m the biggest liar now. I lied to her because I did not wanted to be made fun of by reading psychological book, so I wrote that I was reading the H.Murakami book that I had on my shell. Turns out, that she is huge Murakami fan too.

On early Wednesday morning I had to go to the chemistry faculty again for some practise work before our exam. Me and my new friend were talking about Murakami non stop every moment we could to talk. Seriously, it’s so interesting to see person that is the same age as me reading the same books as me. It’s the first time that happened to me, that I have this connection with someone brought by books, author. After the practise we went to the store together and then were waiting for the buss, and my partner from the laboratory work was looking a little bit shocked seeing me the ”stupidest” person in the world with someone. After this, once again I went to get some sushi. This time I got 2 portions of this, one for lunch and one for dinner. Sushi love. And the rest of the day, once again, was a procrastination process for not learning any information for my invertebrates exam.

Thursday was rest day for me. Kinda. I did not had english lecture and had to go to report my own micology lab work, but the time can be decided by us, students, so I decided to rest that day and do not go to the university. Had not so early morning, take a nap and finally was learning for my invertebrates exam. Into account, this was boring day. Probably, the most boring day of this week. One great thing about this day was that my new glasses were made so I was calling my parents to check if they can take them.

On Friday I had my invertebrates exam at 9 am and I don’t know how much of a sleep I get the night before. So my plan after this exam was to go home and take a power nap and then start packing for my train journey and holidays. Before napping, packing I went to the store and bought some treats for myself and for my journey. When I came back I was skyping my mom, and she did not answered and after some 10 minutes she started to send me pictures from the city I live in. She and my dad bought train tickets and come to visit the city where I live now, without telling this to me.. ”Surprise”. I had so much to do, but because they come there I decided to shorten my ”to do” list drastically. I did not cleaned my room as I wanted and I was running around in general after they told me that. Like a crazy person. When I was finally in the bus, on my way to meet my parents, I forgot that I forgot to take my laptop charger with me after 7 stops from home. So, I run out from the buss, run to the new stop to take bus to go home and get my new charger. After that and plus one bus journey I finally was in the museum that my parents were in and I had to wait for them. After that, we were walking around all town, had some lunch and then went to the same train to go home. On the train I started to read YSL biography and I just love this designer. I saw movie for several time, now book, his personality and work is so amazing, I just can’t.

On Saturday morning at 11 am we went to the restaurant to have a big lunch for our long journey.  Also, went to buy my mom a birthday present that she asked with her, because she thinks that we are only getting that face cream for her, but me and my dad had secretly bought her new jewellery pieces and book. After this, we went home, to pack last bits and pieces, and then we went to Ventspilis, Latvia for our ferry. Trip to there was so easy and short, only for 4 hours when the next days journey was not so short and easy…Also, I was watching ”Empire” season 1 finale and what the heck?!

Sunday was really hard day. I did not get that much of a sleep for I don’t know what reason. We were woken up at 4 am by the stuff calling everyone for breakfast. And on 6 we had to leave our ferry ”room” and go to our car. After that we had 12 hour journey. It was the first time when I was driving when we are travelling. It has been a year when I have my license, but I never drive in other country, so it was the first time for me. I started to drive from Sweden and crossed the border with Norway. The last 200 kilometres was the worst. We were driving mountain roads and they are the killers. My stomach was killing me, I was sick, my head felt like was crashed into pieces…

And seriously, what a week it has been!



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