I’m super sentimental and anxious person, so last month I decided to make a list of a things that would help me through out my ”dark” times. Times when feels like I’m alone in this world, times where I just don’t want to live and I’m just existing. Many dramatic and really traumatising things can happen to us, things that we can’t control, tomorrow is not promised for us. So, I feel kinda guilty to feel this anxiety in me, when my life is kinda great, so I need to have a list to think about that would bring good feels to me and shows me that I can be grateful for this life.

  1. My family is healthy and happy.
  2. Living with my parents for a week.
  3. New glasses! I can now see everything properly.
  4. Short holidays!
  5. I’m healthy.
  6. Got invitation for the wedding.
  7. Having possibly to travel.
  8. Vitamins! My skin is way better now.
  9. Books.
  10. Treadmill.



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