Cheapy bag, 18€ : 

Gwen sunglasses, 10€: 

Julia sweater, 35€: 

Kimmy dress, 20€: 

Bonnie sweater, 25€: 

Marvel t-shirt, 25€: 

Fanta t-shirt, 25€:  

It’s way more easier to shop, than actually reorganising your wardrobe. When I was younger I always tried to keep on with trends and stuff, but after failure and understanding that it’s impossible to be the trendiest person in this world, I finally got the realisation that is way more important to have wardrobe staples. And now I’m trying to make my wardrobe a ”capsule” one, with the things that I could wear for years and years. Because I’m university student, I don’t have that much of the energy to put my outfits together and seriously before exams and all that stressful shit, my ”look” is the last thing that I have in my head.

 I’m not a rich person at all, many things are planned purchases, so there is some kind of borders when I need to buy stuff. It’s really strange how I’m obsessed with “Bik bok”. Seriously, every single time, I visit my parents I always find something amazing from their store. I just love this brand. Quality is amazing, clothes are amazing too. Wish we have this brand in the country I live in too…Well, now with all these new pieces and warmer weather outside + reorganised wardrobe I can actually feel spring a little bit more.



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