4th month of 2017 is (almost) over. Seriously, time flies. I can’t believe that 4! months ago was new year and stuff a.k.a. ”realising things time” and now we are one month away from the summer. I don’t know if I’m ready yet for another season.

Because it’s easy to forget little life related things, I decided to write down some of the small milestones I was capable to achieve this hectic month:

  • read 6(!) books
  • my parents surprised me by coming to visit me
  • ran like a crazy in Oslo airport
  • become more sociable in university
  • passed my 2nd invertebrates exam
  • got new glasses
  • had biggest shopping spree in ”Bikbok”
  • hormones took me for a few days. Crying for nothing.
  • had one week off. Had the best time ever.
  • Re-visited one museum.
  • Re-organised my wardrobe.
  • ate crap 24/7.
  • bought so many clothes from ”Bik bok”
  • had 3 train ”journeys”
  • drove in Norway for the 1st time ever
  • finally bought a gorillapod
  • got invitation to the wedding!
  • got my nails&eyebrows done



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