Not too long ago I had to come ”home”. It’s a really complicated kinda thing, but I have to deal with it. Me and my grandparents share the same yard, they ”deleted” me from their lives and my parents live abroad. So ”going home” is not so fun and pleasing at all for me. I have my only friend from high school, but sometimes she does not act like a friend and just ignores me for some time. Maybe I’m to annoying or something, but I wanted to meet her after 2 months, there was so much to talk about. Well, she lied for me again and  I had to spent my lonely days even more lonely.

04:50 am

Woke up, shower, makeup time. Strangely it was easy to wake for some reason, maybe that’s because for past week I kept randomly waking up at 5 am.

5:25 am

Had to leave my small apartment. When I was going to the bus stop with my small luggage and big bag, I stopped somewhere in the middle in my ”track” to check how much time I have got till my bus and after checking it I ran like a crazy. I did not wanted to miss that bus and wait for another one. It was such dark, cold morning and it was so scary to stand up in that bus stop, but after I finally reached my bus station I had to wait for my bus, and then I decided to check my phone. My watch was hasten +10 minutes and my running was pointless… Then when I finally sat in the bus I remembered to screenshot my train tickets and when I opened it the leaving time was 4:45 pm… At this point I was really annoyed about everything, so I decided to become a little bit calmer and put my phone away for some time and then check for the tickets again. Right when I put my phone away, bus was stopped by inspection to check everyone’s tickets. Seriously?! After being checked, I manage to calm my nerves a little bit and I searched for the train tickets on my phone once again. And I found them! But I was a little bit lost in time once again. I thought that the train was leaving 6:30 am, but it was 6:50 am…

6:18 am

Reached train station.

6:50 am

4 hours train journey begins. I was reading Haruki Murakami ”Kafka on the shore” and good thing was that nobody sat next to me, so I had space for myself. But annoying thing was, that the train stopped to every single small station, villages..When the train stops so often it feels like the journey is way longer.

11:05 am

Reached my final destination. Bought some bus tickets and waited for a bus.

11: 12 am

One of 2 bus journey begins.

11: 40 am

Last bus journey to reach my house!

12am  – 2 pm

Finally at my house, relaxing, and stressing out about driving.

3 pm

Decided to leave my house one hour before my appointment, because city at this time is really busy and hectic and my driving skills are not so good. Although, it only takes about 20 minutes to get there.

4 pm

Finally I’m getting my nails done!

4:40 pm

My nails are done! The ”nail lady” was really professional and sweet + I met with my ”eyebrow lady” too, had a little chat about everything.

4:50 pm

So happy about my nails. She did it a little bit differently than I asked, but that just looks amazing. I will definitely be her client once again. Went to my favourite donut place after this long break ( 8 months probably) and I was shocked, because it seems like they are closing soon. The assortment was disappointing, comparing to the one they used to have. But still, bought 2 donuts and muffin.

Decided that I had to go home, waiting was pointless at this time, because it’s Friday and rush hour is not an hour but full evening .

5: 30 pm

Homeee! It was such a stressful journey. There was a exhibition outside so the one road lane become parking place and everyone had to drove in the 2nd road lane, stop for multiple times, if someone decides to park..

5:31 pm – 7:10 pm

Relaxing mode. Tried to watch ”13 reasons why”, but turned that off for some reason. Maybe I was too tired or not in a mood to watch it. Texted my friend, asked if she wanted to meet, but her answer was no.

7:10 pm

Went to the grocery store to buy some food, because there was 0 items in house that could be eaten. Of course, I had to see some familiar faces, that I would not like to see.

7:40 pm – 10 pm

Relaxing, reading, watching videos and stuff. Alone, lonely time at my own house.

10:20 pm

Sleep time.



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