Everyone has their own kind of therapy. It’s such a personal thing of a human being. Someone likes to workout, speak out, hang out with friend, family, watch movies, binge eat, read. Well, the last 2 things: binge eating + reading = me, when I sad. I don’t know why, but from my young days, I felt this support and weird peace in books. When I was little and some dramatic things happened to me I read Harry Potter sequel 24/7. I remember till this day, that at that dark period of my life I managed to read the ”Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” in two days. My reading tempo was not holding back.

When I feel down, books and food is the perfect combo for me. I would love to have a chatty nights with my girlfriends sipping wine and stuff, but in reality I don’t have friends and this can only be a dream. Dream that maybe one day will come true. My relationship with food is really complicated. Sometimes, when I’m really really stressed out I can not eat for hours, days, everything just makes me sick, even the smells drives me crazy. But it happens really rarely. What happens most of the time, is me eating 24/7. Eating without any control.

Writing about books, they are the ”tool” that kinda saves me. By reading I forget about my surroundings, about my life, mistakes, I just live in the book. It helps me to ”retire” from my life for a bit. And after these ”breaks” I sometimes look a little bit different at things, situation. It’s really strange how books, text, letters printed on the paper, helps me. Reading is my passion, that takes my attention to it. Thinking more about it, watching movies or tv series, is kinda the same thing, but it just don’t work for me. Probably, I’m old soul and having book in my hands is the thing where I feel relaxed, because when I’m looking at the screen I still feel the feels that I tried to escape from. That’s just so weird.



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