Well, last week was kinda a huge deal for me. I’m the least sociable person in this planet, so have someone even to talk between lectures is a huge thing for me. I used to have more friends in school and all the ”hanging out” thing was recurring event, but within the years, our paths ”divorced” and from a group we were only 2 left. Well, my best friend- my only friend, lived together when we started going to the university, but then after 2 months she dropped it and decided to live with her parents once again. I was all alone in a new place, without knowing everyone. My group ”mates” knew each other so it was kinda hard to even talk with someone, because seemed like you are ruining their friendship.

After first semester, 6 months living alone, lonely, I made some kind of friend. She was disposed from others ”group” and she was left alone, just like I was. So, we become some kind of friends. Chatting, talking in university, and this Friday she asked me to hang out. It is a huge deal for me. Even the night before I couldn’t sleep properly, because I was so shocked, happy that someone invited me to spent some time together. And of course I was stressing out, because I don’t know how to talk properly with people, how to socialise. Plus, I’m really shy, when I’m surrounded by new people. I just become other person. The day we had to meet, in the morning I decided to go to try new salad bar and see the reason why everyone is talking about that place. After ”checking” famous salad restaurant, on my way home, my new friend, that organised everything, texted me, that she couldn’t come as planned and the nice night out is cancelled. After reading her message I was kinda relieved, but also a little bit sad. Like, I wanted to have Friday evening somewhere else, not in the same room and stuff. Not being alone and lonely.

But later that day, when I was kinda okay with the fact that I’m spending my weekend alone as usual, I get a text from my group mate, that we talk a little bit, that maybe I still want to join her and have a nice evening out and about. She also texted me, that there will be her new friend, and I’m really welcome to come to spent some time together. I was so excited and nervous (again). When I run to the shower I got text that there was possibility that our group from 3 will be 4 or 5. And then I was a little bit disappointed, like what I’m going to talk with all these new people, that I see for the first time. Plus, there will be to stupid to text like I can’t come now, when I agreed a few minutes ago. I’m weird, I know. It was milestone for me to go out with more than one person. In school I was 100% nerd that everyone was making fun off, so in school years I didn’t have opportunity to go out and stuff.

I was preparing myself like for some kind of date. Did my makeup, straighten my hair that I can’t ever remember when was the last time that I did that, dressed something other than jeans. On my way I was really excited, but a little bit nervous. When I get to the pub I was a little disappointed of how this place looked, but everything turned out great. I met with my group friend, she introduced me to the other two girls. We were having a chats about everything. Then, one of them, invited 2 more, so our ”group” from 4 become 6. Then it become 7 and lastly 8. The ending of this evening was not that amazing as the begging, because everyone divided into small groups and talked and I was left out at the end.

Also, everyone were drinking beer, except me, I’m wine girl. I come back home at 9 pm and it was so weird to come back at evening time after hanging out with someone. In general, it was a nice evening out. My first ever evening out as university student.




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