There is not much left till summer. I don’t know, maybe that’s a thing when you are getting older or something, but time seriously flies. Seems like not too long ago it was winter time, January, begging of the new year and now…summer. But when I think about it more carefully I kinda feel that summer is coming. Some of my habits changed, I’m doing things a little bit differently than in the cold winter times. Probably warmer weather inspires to do more with yourself and go ”out” and face the world more.

There are some signs of summer:

  1. Clothes changed.
  2. Inspired to eat more greens.
  3. Enjoying walks, because of the nice weather.
  4. Last exams.
  5. Nature is alive again.
  6. Inspired to take pictures of environment.
  7. Don’t want to be at home at all.
  8. Easier to wake up in the mornings.



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