– When I was younger I used to be obsessed with puzzles. For three or four years every single summer I would be sitting by the puzzle. I was so obsessed! I used to have ”The Vampire diaries” on + puzzle ⇒ perfect summer day for me. I can’t even remember how much of puzzles I have done. This weird obsession was so crazy!

– I’m crazy about notebooks/agendas..I get excited when I see a nice one in a shop and I just have to buy it, if that is not too expensive of course. Student life makes you count every single cent in your life.

– I don’t like to have small/written goals. I don’t like to have goals..Like I can fail really easily and then I can become really upset that I failed. I can’t even look at my notebooks if I know that I had written some goals and now I failed. I just feel this anxiety and disappointment and it’s really hard to deal with it for me.

 – I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I have read all the books and watched all the movies multiple times. It’s just amazing.

– I’m not that scared of the dark, spiders. Most of the my friends are scared of the darkness or spiders and I’m always the one that is not scared about it all. And it’s really weird and funny when everyone is freaking out about spider or darkness and there is me all calm and stuff.

– I can’t name one book that would be my all time favourite. I have some books that I hate and I can’t imagine to reading it again, but I still manage to admire these books too, because it seems so hard for me to even write a book, have this idea and stuff. Hats off for every single writer that I’ve read, even if I hated the book. Also, I cant decide with one is my favourite book, because every single time after reading one and if I liked it I feel like it’s my all time favourite till I read next book that I will also like…It’s just a circle  for me.

– I can’t watch sad movies that involves puppies or animals in general. I had a dog for 16 years and it was my best friend for life and after loosing it..I can’t even. Also, from my young days I feel the unconditional love for animals no matter what animal that is. When I was little I even buried small bird that died after flying into our house wall and after his funeral I went to pray for him for about a week or something. My grandma had cows that I was obsessed with, my godmother had horse and stuff. Life without animals is not a life for me. Even now, when I still feel the grief for my dog I have two guinea pigs to keep me company in a way. I just need to have animal that I could pure my love into and take care off. I’m really sensitive when there is a movies where animals are involved. Even when it’s movie about war and I see horses…It just breaks my heart.

– I don’t like mean gossip. I’m human, of corse I like to hear some gossip about my classmates and stuff, but I hate when there is gossips that actually hurts someone or is a mode like ”she deserves that”. Or the gossips that are made just to bring someone down. No, no, no.



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