The last month of spring is gone. I seriously, still can not believe how fast time goes. Seems like 24 hours is 6 hours of something. How quickly everything changes and life easily adapts this fastened summer rhythm. I’m not ready for summer at all.

It’s really easy to forget everything in this hectic world, so there is my small ”victories” that I achieved this month:

  1. Read 2 books.
  2. Had my first ever evening out!
  3. Passed my invertebrates exam.
  4. Done with my first part of practise in the camp.
  5. Reached 100+ followers on Pinterest.
  6. Spent some time with old friend.
  7. Watched 3 or 4 movies. Probably, that’s my new record.
  8. My skin was really bad. Thanks to the all the stress I had to live with for 3 days in practise camp.
  9. Had several mental breakdowns.
  10. Had sushi so many times.. In my defence, it’s all because the sushi restaurant opened 5 minutes away from my uni.
  11. Spent a lot of money for unhealthy food.
  12. Had a chat with the head of the class. Declined the invitation to go to the class meeting.
  13. Met my classmate in grocery shop.
  14. Declined the invitation to meet with an old friend – classmate.
  15. Started writing my diary again!
  16. Had 2 train journeys.
  17. Hated my body.




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