Summer has started. And this summer will be extremely difficult for me, because I have to spent 1 month in a practise camp with the most unfriendly, ignorant people around me. Into account, I’m kinda wishing to be over with this, but I have to spent 4 weeks there so…Everything about June and first week of July looks terrible, so I need something to feel better about:

  1. Last exams!
  2. My family is healthy and everything look kinda good.
  3. 1 month till I see my family.
  4. It’s really easy to wake up in the morning. Thanks to the sun, for rising so early.
  5. Inspired to work.
  6. Still have more books to read from my own library.
  7. Some alone time.
  8. Family support.
  9. Music.
  10. Hot weather.



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