What an intresting week this is. On Monday I had my last exam (and yesterday I got the news that I failed… will really have fun studying organic chemistry this summer, when all I want to do is to relax and forget about university). Yesterday I also applied to other study programs, got into fight with my mom and in the evening parents bought trip to Mallorca! And today is also filled with ” everything “, so here is how my super hectic Wednesday is going:


Woke up! It was one of those mornings where I woke up feeling like I have energy to do something and didn’t fell to sleep again after pressing snooze. But of course I had to lay in bed for some extra minutes… Read the news, check social media. It’s such a bad habit of mine to be on my phone from the moment I open my eyes.


Finally I’m not in the bed anymore.


Left my apartment with luggage and big bag full of laundry. I haven’t been able to clean my towels, clothes and stuff more than 2/3 weeks, because I had exams every single day for 2 weeks and yesterday, on my first exam free day, all  I wanted to do was just to do… nothing.


After taking two bus rides, I finally made my way to the laundry place. Luckily, this time there is no drama in this place, because last time it was.. Old people + irresponsible young people = drama.


Left laundry. Finally have clean towels, clothes. And of course everything can not go like I planned. On the morning, when I left it was around + 20C, so I decided to wear just a simple summer sweater and do not bring any jacket with me, because I did not have any hands left to carry something more than my bags, luggage.. And of course right when I stepped outside and was in the middle of my ”trip” storm started. So I had to run to pull out my umbrella that I luckily taken with me this morning. And when I finally reached bus stop I couldn’t ”close” umbrella and it was stuck on my sweater…Wonderful.


After taking first bus stop I missed my other one, because of the traffic lights. And had to wait for another one for 7 minutes.


Reached my destination-home.


Have a really quick lunch- porridge that you just make with hot water. I know, that it’s not the healthiest choice and it’s breakfast food, but I did not have much time and desire to make something else.

Preparing for todays “activity”. Practice camp day one starts now. It’s kinda sad but it is smart decision at the same time. We have to spent one month in practice camp one hundred kilometers away from the city I live and 400 kilometers away from my hometown.  In that practice camp we will have exams, hikes and stuff. Into account, we will do what I don’t like to do that much. We will have 5 professors to work with and one of them offered us to work now, before the 4 week camp and then we would have 4 days spare when we will need to work with him, so at that time we could go home or do whatever we want to. Of course, this is an amazing decision, but on the other hand, it’s so hard to do something after two weeks of exams. I just want to sleep, eat and read. And now, because of this practice camp I would only have two or three days to relax. “Relax” in this case is to prepare for the month living in the cleanest area in the country, with the people that hates me.


My hike group was freaking out, because it was raining non stop and there is no possibility we can work in this weather, so the only option we had was to wait for our professor to answer us.


Finally, got the news that hike is cancelled. So, I decided to clean my room a bit.


Went to the administration to extend my rent time, but there was way too many people waiting to do the same thing. So, I decided to go to the library and give my books now and pay the money, because I kept them a little bit too long..


Library stuff done, now it’s time to do some grocery shopping.


Seriously it’s even hard for me to remember when was the last time, when I was buying some groceries, vegetables and stuff. The last two weeks was killing me in every possible way. Stress, work…I did not have any intention or even time to cook so I ate cooked meals and all the other unhealthy stuff. And even though right now when this practise camp will start tomorrow, is going to be hectic times too, but I decided to become ”healthier”. Maybe that’s because I’m a little bit motivated, like I need to look good/better in the wedding next month and then it will be time for vacation!


All my business stuff is done. Right after coming back from shop, I ran down to administration to extend my rent and after that I had kinda healthy dinner.


”Relax” mode is on.


It’s kinda an early night for me. Was reading the famous ”Alchemist” and the strange thing is that majority of the books I read really fast, I just want to know what will happen and stuff, but this book I’m reading really slowly. I’m trying to ”absorb” everything. Sadly, my neighbours is back and party is happening next door and this is the first time in 3 weeks when I will go/ try to fell asleep before midnight. Practise camp tomorrow…




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