Summer plans:

Except for practise camp I have a few trips planned. In the middle of July I’m visiting my parents in Norway and in the beginning of August I’m going to Mallorca. And in July I’m going to my cousins wedding! It’s the first time when I am going to see wedding ceremony in real life and not in a movies.

Favorite summer drink:

I don’t drink alcohol that much so I really enjoy milkshakes in the summer time. Such a childish choice!

Most fun summer memory:

I have so many beautiful memories, but I really enjoy remembering those summers where I spent my days at my godparents. Their house is near to the lagoon so it was so amazing always to go there and enjoy sunset and weird quietness.

Favorite ”summer” food:

I love food! But also I’m really simple about it. I enjoy ”light” dishes in the summer time, so some caesar salad or something is always a good decision for me.

My dream summer destination:

Italy! I never been here, but I would love to. Fingers crossed, one day I would have resources and stuff to visit this gorgeous looking country.

Favorite summer place:


What I listen to this summer:

I need some new music! Right now, after ”One Love Manchester” concert I felt in love again with ”Take That”. I loove this band. Also, I listen to Lana Del Rey a lot and stuff.

Favorite summer scent:

Something fresh and not very sweet.

I’m really looking forward to:

I’m looking forward to my trip to Mallorca and cousins wedding. It’s so exciting even to think about it. Can’t wait.

Three things I love the most about summer:

  1. I really enjoy that sun rises early and sets around 11pm, so I’m not that scared now to walk on my own on the evening.
  2. Warm weather. I enjoy warm weather, but not when this warmness becomes hotness. Like I hate when it’s +30 and I’m not on a vacation and have to sit at home or do some grocery shopping in this unbearable heat.
  3. To be off from university. Well, after the practise camp though….




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