This is the last Monday before having my Mondays aka exam days at practice camp. So, yesterday I had to come back home and today I had the most hectic Monday ever. It was even difficult to keep up with everything, but I manage achieve so much.. Bought rubber boots, many t-shirts, cap, some medicine, helped to made long lasting practise food, chatted with my cousin, met up with my old friend, made movie…

So this is more detailed look of this hectic Monday :


Wake up time. It was really difficult to get up, because it was the night were I get more than 4 hours of sleep. I could sleep for one hour more, but I knew that I will be pressing snooze button for a while, so I made this ”sacrifice”.

8 : 10 

Finally left my huge bed. It’s so weird now, to sleep in my old huge bed, when now, at my university apartment I sleep in tiniest bed and I get used to not have a lot of space.

8 :  34

Started  to rain. Yesterday, when I came back I told my weather obsessed grandparents that tomorrow(today)  will be raining and they were calling me stupid, because ”internet is lying and everything about weather on the internet is nonsense”. Well, my ”nonsense internet new” was right and this was a small victory for me.

9 : 28

All dressed up, ready to leave house and tackle my long to do list that was in my head…

9 : 45

Rubber boots mission accomplished. I went to the store in the small city near by, and in my luck, they have what I was looking for – long long rubber boots. I need them in my practise, because we will be walking ”everywhere” so I had to spent 24 € for this amazing ”purchase”.

9 : 52

Food shopping number 1 done. I had to buy some bits and pieces for my long lasting food at practise. The ingredients and stuff.

10 : 20

Made to the bigger city. I successfully drove to the biggest shopping center.  It was such a long time (probably about 8 month that I was driving there) and I was a little bit scared at first, but everything went well.

10 : 29

9 minutes later and 2 t shirts from ”Zara” was bought. It was quite an easy task: I needed cheap, simple t shirts, so when I found them – bought them, without even trying them on.  And shameful thing was that I forgot how you need to put the credit card right and the shop assistant helped me out. Well, it was a really long time that I shopped for clothes.

10 : 49

 More minutes later shorts – bought. I had a tiny hear attack, because I decided to try them on, just because I was not really sure about the size. I usually wear size 38, but today I took size 38 and 40, because I wanted them to look a little bit baggy on me, it gives the optical illusion and my legs looks a little bit thinner that way. But then in the dressing room size 40 fitted me and it was not even baggy and size 38 was impossible to fit in. I was panicking, because I have the wedding to attend in the July and this is not a good sign and then I’m going on a vacation with my super skinny mom…

10 : 56

Found a hat! I was searching for one, right when I was waiting in a line at ”Bershka” I found one. It is in a pastel colour, not the colour I wear or something, but there was no other choice. The fact of having a hat is more important than the look of it.

10 : 59 

Now, I’m caring 3 shopping bags. I’m pretty quick with this shopping. Well, I need to be quick, because if I would spent more minutes of this, my way back home, will be super stressed, because all the cars will hit the road.

11 : 06

Quick coffee stop at one of my favourites coffee shops that I went religiously when I was pupil. And today, coffee did not impressed me. Maybe in the past, my taste receptors were different or maybe they changed something.

11 : 18

Last 3  t shirts from ”Mango”. It was the first and only ones that I tried in the changing room. I hope that I will not ruin them in the practise camp, because 2 of them is really nice and I think they would be great for vacation too.

11 : 34

Done with shopping and  waiting at the petrol station. Successfully left city.

11: 52

Petrol mission accomplished and saw man that was sugar daddy material.

12 : 17

Did shopping number 2: bought medicine, food for tomorrow’s trip and some sweets to my friend and her dog; and made it to my friends house.

Took a paper bag from her that I will use at my practise camp and now I’m had to stop at grocery shop again to buy cake for my grandparents.

13 : 05

Saved toilet paper. Right when I was walking away from my car, in the parking lot one women started to drive with the toilet paper on her cars roof. I run to her and started to strum on the door for her to stop and then gave her pack of toilet paper.


Cake bought.

13 : 23

Home finally.

13 : 47

Lunch time. Ate some homemade food that my grandmother made. Nowadays, when I live far away from home, alone and I’m usually tired to make something,  I cherish homemade stuff.

13 : 52 

Have to call to the gym, because I found someone that wants to buy my membership! These news are amazing! I was so happy yesterday when she texted me, because I lost the hope that someone would buy my membership and I was left dealing with the fact that I will be paying 19 euros every month, while I’m thousands of kilometres away from the gym without any opportunity to actually work out.

14 : 24

Went to my grandmas, to help her on making long lasting food for my practise camp.

15 : 26

Got texts from the head of course that I will be taken to the practise camp by the same bus that would only bring everyones luggage. So, I have fun trip coming up, with the driver, my and everyone’s luggage.

16 : 01

Friend called to tell me the news that she got the car and tomorrow at 6 she will drive me to the train station.

16 : 13

Edited some photos from yesterday and uploaded one on Instagram. And that is quite something nowadays, when I only have 9 posts.

16 : 22

Done with editing, so the time has come for a nap.

17 : 30

Wake up time. And it was so hard to wake up… I need more sleep.!

17 : 51

Long lasting food is prepared.

18 : 08

Found grey hair in my bed… This is kinda depressing when you are only university student and you already have grey hairs. And the fun story of this, that my first grey hair was found on my prom day, while my mom was helping me out with my hairstyle.

18 : 22

Texted my cousin that we used to be so close. The main reason why I did that, was probably because my mom, was texting with her and she found out so many news about her, so today I decided that I need to show some attention towards her too, because she used to always text me and now I feel like I just forgot about her.

18 : 33

My long lasting food is packed and now is the struggle how I need to fit everything.

18 : 55 

Coffee and cake break with my grandparents. Well, it was an interesting one, because my relationship with them is weird and complicated…

20 : 07

Finally my cousin texted me back and I started editing videos that I had in my phone for a while. I’m really sentimental so everything about memories is everything to me.

20 : 37 

Done with editing. Movie is done and I’m kinda proud of it.

21 : 35 

Started to write this post and was looking threw my phone to see what I have done at exact time.

22 : 19 

Done writing about this day. Now it’s time for a shower, packing and sleep till 5 am….




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