https://bikbok.com/en/top/base-t-shirt/7179344_F001 9,99 €

https://www.zara.com/lt/lt/moterims/batai/žiūrėti-viską/gėlėmis-puoštos-basutės-su-platforma-c719531p4065314.html 69,95€

http://shop.mango.com/LT/p0/woman/clothing/dresses/short/ruffled-chiffon-dress?id=13020597_85&n=1&s=prendas.vestidos 35,99 €

https://www.zalando.no/levi-s-ex-boyfriend-dongerijakke-dream-of-life-le221g01a-k11.html 100 €

https://www.zara.com/lt/lt/moterims/batai/žiūrėti-viską/karoliukais-dekoruotos-įsispiriamos-rožinės-basutės-c719531p4668004.html 39,95 €

http://www.ivyrevel.com/eu/collection/swimwear/fiji-bikini-top-orange/B000475-160.html?cgid=Swimwear 27,95€ (top/bottom)

Because I live in the country that has 4 dramatic seasons I obviously feel inspired to change my outfits a little bit and ”bring” something to my closet. I never felt this big desire to change my closet when spring transform into summer, like I don’t wear shorts, skirts, crop tops and other bits and pieces that for someone it ”screams” 100% summer. My style is kinda limited in the summer because I do not feel confident enough to show more of myself, my body. Well, this summer as any other one I did not become fit, even though I had a 1 year membership at the gym, but probably my willpower is less than one. But this summer after the practice camp I have been invited to the wedding and then I’m going on vacation, so I need to forget my body image issues and plan some outfits for this summer!




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