This weekend, while I was stressing out and feeling super anxious in this university camp, I remembered my last free weekend before this torture. It’s hard and unpleasant to spend 4 weeks away from everyone in the place where you are isolated and alone constantly.  Where you have to study and live with regime that others told you.  In the place you have no power/ voice. I think, it’s now enough about that. Let’s write and remember something good, amazing.

Last Sunday I decided/had to come home before all this practise madness and because of the new railway construction I had to leave the capital with the first train in the morning and this was at 6:50. Well, because I live about 25/30 kilometres away from the station and I wanted to make myself a little bit beautiful in the morning so I had to wake up at 4:30… Seriously, it was kinda easy to wake up, because my neighbours were loud and I fallen to sleep around 1 so probably I did not get into full sleep mode. Of course I was rushing before leaving my apartment like crazy, because stupidly the day before I was looking at the work days buss timetables and it was Sunday and busses was every 20 minutes.  And if I would be late to the first one the second buss would be too late for me.  So as always I run to buss stop and buss was a little bit too late.

I get to the the station without any dramas or something and sat alone for the whole journey. It was the first time ever when someone picked me from the station that was not my parents, but when we had about 10km to go, we stopped due to technical difficulties and my friend was already waiting for me at the station so I was really pissed off. I felt anxious because I did not know for how ling we were trapped and there was someone waiting for me.

After 20 being trapped/stopped for 20minutes we reached our destination. My friend was even waiting for me inside of the station. So, after my comeback we went to the best homemade burgers restaurant. Chatted and stuff, after eating we had a little stroll around the shops and then we went to the beach. The beach part was a little bit complicated, because we wanted to be on the beach side where not that much people would sunbathe and there was so many cars everywhere. We drove around, came back to the same parking lots twice or something. Like, it was really crowded. But we manage to get a good spot for car and ourselves too.

Interesting, but really heartwarming thing from this meet up was just our talks about sentiments and all that stuff. My friend used to be the  least sentimental person you could find and seriously, I ignored that. I still gifted pictures and other sentimental things for her birthdays even though she was not that much into it, but now she really appreciates it. Maybe as older you get = the more sentimental you become? The majority of this trip was documented on our cameras and stuff, we talked about the guilt we feel that we were running away from the cameras and some part of our lives is just left somewhere that we could not remember and realise and probably now we want to turn back time.

And now, this weekend I’m at practise camp preparing for new exams and stuff with anxiety levels to the max. 3 more weekends to go…









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