Today marks one week of living in practise camp for 4 weeks (now it’s ”only” 3 to go), but before that we had short and not so sweet weekend in full camp mode so that we would know what is waiting for us. And now we know and I was trying to be as prepared as possible this time. I hate the whole practice camp ”thing” but it is mandatory and if you would not come you will need to pay about 1000 euros or something and that is crazy.  The whole idea, behind this is for students, that studies life/nature subjects would see how everything looks in a real life and of course they will be examined like in every university exam. Of course everything will be a little bit more difficult because you need to have your own collection of certain things and some of the exams are defended by your own voice…

And nowadays our days are pretty intense, but not as intense as the weekend of introductory practise camp was. On the 1st day, after we arrived we had about 20 minutes to get ready for the first hike.  The first hike lasted about 3/4 hours, after that we had about an hour to rest, eat and stuff and then there was hike number 2 of the day. The first day was a total killer for me. Like, we had two hikes, that was the first hikes not from my own pleasure, after about 9 kilometres we had to do laboratory work. Because the student from my course contacted us before all of this told us not to take rubber boots or boxes for this weekend, but turns out he lied. We needed all these things. There is always some misconceptions involved in events like this. So the second me and my roommate had to borrow and organise two pairs of robber boots. And surprisingly the biggest and meanest divas from course borrowed it to us, we had exchange our entomology grids to their boots.

The second day was more interesting, because we were searching for larvas and stuff and it sounds disgusting but it was kinda fun in a weird way to search all the things that we simply don’t see in every day life. And of course the boots I got was with holes so stream water was running threw my feet. Nice. After coming back the boots was taken from me, because they decided to leave the camp cause of the sickness, when in reality, professors told us that it was due to the fact that they were hangover. Responsible adults in the practise camp.

And the last day was supposed to be the hardest one, but it wasn’t, because we cheated a little bit.  On the evening hike, we did not walked, but we drove to the needed place by the car. So, it was kinda a rest day, but of course in the morning we were walking a lot, and after the morning hike we had the second hike 5 minutes apart and we walked like 13 kilometres in the first half of the day. And the strangest point is that the last professor on the 3rd day is the most awarded one and he is the most understanding and caring of them all.

We were driven to this camp by the buss but because we were only 10 students that actually used bus, one of the lecturers decided that on the way back there will be no bus and we have to plan how to comeback ourselves. Everyone that I communicate even a little bit had full cars and the only option for me was to go back with one of lectures next morning. But on the last minute one of my group mates offered me a ride with her boyfriend. And this trip/going back was the scariest journey in my life. It was the first time that I felt so scared for my life. Her boyfriend/driver was so unresponsive, fast and super bad driver. I had maps opened with the kilometres till my apartment, because my anxiety levels in his car was extremely high. I couldn’t even look threw out the windows, because it made me feel super dizzy. After this trip I started to appreciate life a little bit more. And appreciate good, normal drivers that feels responsibility for their passengers.



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