1. Addicted to?


2. What you usually get compliments for?

Personality: that I care about others, dedicated ?

3. Your plans during this summer?

After practice camp I’m going to the wedding, after this I’m travelling to Norway and from there in the begging of August, me and my mom are going to Mallorca for a week. After this, I’m back in Norway for a few weeks and then I’m back for new years of university. And also me and my friend of the beginning of September had planned to go the spa for 2 nights.

4. What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

I’m really boring person… Maybe chicken liver 😕

5. What does your morning routine look like?

It depends on what day it is. The alarm goes off at 8:00 depends on what hike we are going that day or for how much we will be working in lab. After waking up, I go to the bathroom etc, wash my face or take a shower. Then, I get dressed and thats all. I really have no energy in the morning to make some breakfast so I just skip that.

6. Tv shows you’re following?

Only Westworld. I only had watched 5 series and I’m stuck, like I don’t have enough time for this right now..

7. 5 things you want to do in the future?

See more of the world, become a billionaire, found my soulmate, become healthier, maintain and develop new friendships.

8. Have you ever broken the law?

Not something very serious. But I had driven, crossed the line with my car and stuff. It was like 2 times and it was a really tiny incidents.

9. What does it say in your last recieved text? 

Text from my mom about the sheep she saw on Facebook.

10. Your closest friends? 

I only have one. On these upcoming months she would have a lot of things coming on her way, a lot of changes and I still hope after all, we will remain to be best friends. She moves to another city and stuff and things will be different, but I think that we can work this out. We just need to have big wish and dedication to keep our friendship.

R.V. E.


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