Seems like I’m always writing that so much have happened and stuff, but in July a lot of happened. I’m thinking that maybe that was the happiest month of my life ever. Of course like every person, I had my ups and downs and the last month wasn’t exception, but the ups were higher than usual.

The ups:

  • I successfully finished zoology part in practise camp! Before, I really thought that I would fail and have to finish with this in September and I wasn’t that optimistic about this and everything ended rightly.
  • On my free days, before botanic part, we had a few trips with the people I become friends in this camp. We planned hikes and it was really cool.
  • Me and my new friends were cooking meals together. We even made homemade burgers, soups and stuff.
  • I explored abandoned hotel in a night time! I thought that I would be the only one scared and shocked one, but strangely, I really liked this ‘’trip’’ and was enjoying every single bit. The only negative thing of this – I ripped my khaki jeans.
  • The professor let me home earlier for the wedding and I successfully passed my exam.
  • Me and my new friends had a ‘’Goodbye’’ party for me, before I left. No alcohol, just nice walks in the city, that was near by and delicious pizza. I was really tired afterwards and had 4 hours nap…
  • My parents came back home!
  • Two days after their comeback they drove 400km to pick me up from this practise camp for the wedding.
  • My parents came 1 hour early and my roommates was in shock. My two new friends was almost in tears that I’m leaving and this was really sweet. That never happened to me, that friend/family member would be emotional around me/because of me, so this was really sweet. It has showed me, that you can feel connection with people in really short time and that you can friends that you will be cherishing.
  • I had my brows and nails done next day and because the administrator registered me hour late I had some coffee time with my mom in the city. Also, after my beauty session, we went to the shopping center and I finally got the dress for the wedding.
  • Wedding!!! I had my makeup professionally done and I felt like a supermodel for a day. The only bad thing, was that we didn’t have curling iron at home and my friend either so I was a little bit annoying, but at the end everything ended great. Funny thing, that I smeared my cousin’s – new husband’s suit…But in general, I thought that it would be more interesting. Of course they tried to make everything as best as they could, but there was some aspects that stud out for me. I didn’t have that much fun and I felt really isolated from everyone. In the evening I was walking on the street talking with my best friend on the phone, because no one wanted to talk with me or get to know me and they won’t let me to get sociable in any way with them, so I gave up and talked with someone who actually was interested in me.
  • The next day, I decided to have a pyjama day and after family lunch at home my friend called me and told me to be ready in 5 minutes, because we are going to the old town to have some sushi. I begged her to give me 15 minutes and I ‘’won’’. Got ready and we ‘’hit’’ the town in a old lady’s style: coffee, desserts, sushi and we talked non stop. We didn’t spent the whole day here, because she was back from the trip with her boyfriend that morning and had a night shift later, so it was short, but sweet. I always had this tiny dream that someone would called me and would said to me with ’’be ready in a minute’’ and this finally happened!
  • My parents had a party, so I left the house and drove to my best friends place. We drove to McDonalds, spent some time by the sea and I almost lost the car keys, but an old, nice man found them and gave them back to me.. We also went to the new pub/ bar that just opened on the seaside and had brownies with coffee. Then we were back at her place and booked a spa trip in the September! Can’t wait!!! After this, we had to celebrate it again and we went to McDonalds again..Then I got back home to drove my parents friends home and spent some more time at my best friends place.
  • Morning after my dad was really hangover and I had to drove him around the city to the shops he needed to go. I didn’t failed and dad was impressed with driving skills. At the evening I took my parents by the seaside.
  • Then we went to my godmother and spent our day there. I showed how I edited pictures and videos from the wedding and I spent some time on the trampoline with cousin’s 3 year old son. I was in sweat after 10 minutes of bouncing and this kid was full of energy for the whole time I was there. How this is possible?! I felt really old and unfit.
  • My moms friends birthday. We went to the shopping center to buy her a gift card and in the evening I drove my parents to the surprise party. I got the ‘’pick up’’ call at 5 am. I had never partied that much as my parents! Party animals.
  • Parents bought me 4 books as my first course graduation gift : 2 of Murakami, ‘’War and Piece’’ by Lev Tolstoj  and “Women who run with the wolves’’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
  • My mom and I went to the city I live now. I had left my chemistry books and notes at the city I live now, that is 350km away from my hometown, so me and my mom bought train tickets and spent our day at the capital. We walked 15 kilometres that day, plus my mom gave the try KFC food.
  • Parents went to Norway three days before me, so after they left, the same day I had a party with my best friend. Firstly, we went to the old town and enjoyed some quality time in the restaurant that I had booked table for us. Then we drove to the McDonalds, to the seaside and then again – McDonalds and I offered her to stay at my house, because she was the driver and I was a drinker that night. So, she stayed at my place and we had wine evening/ night.
  • Parents sold the car. It was a sad moment to me, because I was connected to that car. It was the first car I learned how to drive and it was perfectly made one in my eyes. Also, our house is in the village and communication is really bad there so having a car was one of the reasons why I came home and now, that we don’t have car there and I need to wait till the spring so I could rent one, I felt like I lost the connection with my old place. Like, right now I really really don’t want to go ‘’home’’.
  • The next morning we went by the sea side to get some tan. It was a little bit cloudy and in the end it was a little bit cold so we drove to the old town again and everything was closed. Plus, I looked like a twelve year old young lady that is lost in her style and everything, because I was wearing the mix of old clothes, because everything that was kinda good was at my parents. After walking in old town, we drove to the supermarket to get macaroons and then again – McDonald’s. Then, we watched ‘’Black swan’’ at my place.
  • After my parents left and my best friend started working I spent 2 days at my old house doing nothing. It was so strange to be alone in my old house, where I lived for my whole life really. Felt like it’s not a place for me anymore.
  • Friend drove me to the airpot. My friend got accepted to the university, but before she signed the papers she and her dad drove me to the airport. I didn’t have many options to pick from, because I only have one friend left and my grandparents are not the ones that I could ask for help.
  • I had a connected flight and had a stop at Oslo airport. When I printed my second ticket and had a shopping spree at the duty free the doors won’t open, because my ticket was ‘’wrong’’. I ask the staff what is wrong and no one understood what was happening so I had to go back and go threw security check again…
  • My parents have a terrace and for a few days that was the place where I spent my time. I was catching some tan and it was the first time ever when I done that in terrace.
  • I really don’t like working out, but because I have so much free time now, I decided to use my moms treadmill and I really liked it. Run 1 kilometre and walked 3. I really liked it and I’m keep doing it and it’s really strange..
  • Snapchating/ texting with my ‘’camp made’’ friends. I thought that my camp made friends will forget me and won’t talk to me in their free time, but they are reaching out to me every single day and it’s so strange, but amazing at the same time. I’m not used to have someone texting to me every single day. I’m hoping that they will stay in my life for a really long time.
  • Edited videos from practise camp and made that into a short movie. I’m really really sentimental person and I like to capture all the moments and when I was in practise camp I filmed a lot and after my comeback, on my free time at home I edited them all. It’s not perfect, I need to train more on this, but it means a lot to me. When I’m watching that video I live threw so many emotions.

Into account, feels like this was one of the happiest months of my life. I’ve done so much and made so many beautiful memories. I always used to have kinda the same summers every single year, but this years summer is exception. I’m hoping that the next summer would bring even more happiness into my life. At least, I can dream about it.

R. V. E.


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