The last month of summer is here. And really not much is happening in my life, July comparing with August was more ‘’interesting’’ in this case. A lot of things/ events were happening in July that I hadn’t have a proper time to think about that month in general, but now, I have to face the reality and understand that not every single day is full of celebrations haha.

So there is the list of what I am grateful for this month:

  1. My family is healthy and happy and everything seems great.
  2. Moms cooked meals.
  3. For airplanes and other travelling related things.
  4. No university, no lectures.
  5. Relaxation, me time whenever I want. Loving the free time.
  6. Upcoming vacation!
  7. Guinea pigs are with me.
  8. Scandinavian television (now I can watch SNL, Ellen show….)
  9. Friends from practise camp.
  10. Felling a little bit motivated to work out and actually doing something.



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