What a weekend I lived through. Historical, shocking weekend that I will remember forever. This weekend was planned for more than a month and everything seemed so perfect, but then everything turned against me and my plans.

I visited my other friend for the weekend and stayed at her parents house. Well, her mom is in Norway at the moment so we had her dad in the house. Her dad is a vegan and had many rules in his house…Many rules. We couldn’t eat any chocolate in his house or in-front of him, because it’s shit, any other drinks is poison exempt distilled water, diary products is devil…My allergies is my psychological problems…Such an interesting mentality my friends dad has. I was really shocked by it,  but thanks to the circumstances that I wasn’t alone and had another friend with me to lived through the weekend.

And yesterday I had my exam at GIS class, I got 9, I cleaned my apartment and me and 2 course mates went for a grocery shopping for 3 hours. Well, we went to the one store, that was near by and it didn’t have any eggs, so we walked to another one for 20 minutes, bought eggs, ice creams, chips and stopped on our way home and spent the rest of the night on the bench talking till 11:40 pm or something. The weekend and even Monday was quite interesting. Fingers crossed for not intense week at all.




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