I’m kinda late to write these posts, but I love to have them in here, my sentimentality is satisfied. And what they say- better late than never, so this is my kinda ”late” moment. April means the true begging of spring, weather drastically changes in this month and that’s probably the reason, why I enjoy this month so much.

List, of the things I am grateful this month:

  1. My family is healthy.
  2. I’m not sick anymore and I’m done with antibiotics.
  3. Night hike! Such an interesting experience.
  4. Good weather! It’s +15; +18°C outside and it just motivates to be outside and do something.
  5. Friend and the support that only friend could provide.
  6. Social media, because without it, I wouldn’t see so many events happening around me.
  7. Chocolate.
  8. Parks. It’s so nice just to walk around in the park and just enjoy this amazing weather.
  9. Birthdays, because they can be a reason for a friendship reunion.
  10. Being healthy and seeing everyone around me happy.



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